flowchart design continue loss function reinforcement learning agent architecture dag symbol table lstm long short term memory networks backpropagation forward propagation architecture for an rnn deep learning applications backward propagation fully connected layer pooling cnns convolutional neural networks deep learning tuning hyper-parameters softmax tanh sigmoid leakyrelu relu non linear activation functions linear activation function binary step types of activation functions activation function artificial neuron working principle artificial neural networks artificial neural network based segmentation watershed based method clustering based segmentation region based segmentation edge based segmentation threshold method types of image segmentation techniques based on th instance segmentation semantic segmentation types of image segmentation image segmentation color image enhancement color image frequency analysis spectral analysis fourier transforms adaptive histogram equalization histogram modeling dynamic range compression bit plane slicing gray level slicing thresholding contrast stretching digital negative frequency domain enhancement spatial operations point operations spatial domain enhancement image enhancement scale invariant feature transform bias and gain normalization or multi-scale oriente feature descriptors adaptive non-maximal suppression harris corner detector harris operator eigenvector in feature detection eigenvalue corner features point features invariant local features feature tracking haar wavelets feature matching feature description feature extraction feature detection components of feature detection and matching types of features image features noise removal gamma noise exponential noise erlang noise rayleigh noise uniform noise gaussian noise spike noise shot noise impulse noise salt and pepper noise types of noise in image noise in images histogram types of digital images image formation digital image image processing definition types of images difference between flowchart and algorithm flowchart symbols algorithm performance measuring space complexity time complexity algorithms characteristics algorithm definition swap two glasses decimal to binary factorial fibonacci conditional statement flowchart if loop flowchart iterative statements flowchart sine function sum of individual digits reverse of the digits sum of n numbers swap two integers flowchart algorithm memory parts of computer data software motherboard processor cpu hardware computer components string methods stringbuffer methods stringbuffer class stringbuffer class in java strings java function overloading java method overloading java recursion java functions java subroutines java methods jagged array java 2d arrays java 1d arrays java arrays arrays in java enhanced for loop for for loop do while while java looping statements java iterative statements java conditional statements typecasting in java type conversion in java break switch case nested if else if if bitwise operators logical operators right shift left shift java types of operators types of variables in java java data types java primitive data types java advantages javakeywords java features java comments java naming convention simple java program syntax of java program java architecture evolution of java java introduction binary cross entropy logit function sigmoid function binary classification classification logistic regression logistic regression in machine learning cluster based anomaly detection anomaly outliers outlier detection anomaly detection anomaly detection (unsupervised learning) in machi area under the roc curve receiver operating characteristic curve auc roc curve confusion matrix f1 score f1score recall precision metrics machine learning performance metrics for classific gradient descent error function cost function least square error mean square error linear regression semi-supervised learning unsupervised learning supervised learning machine learning types hypothesis function features machine learning mdp model exploration rewards maximization exploitation percept state action nt q-learning depth first search breadth first search dfs search strategies bfs kmeans applications kmeans limitations kmeans practical kmeans computation distortion elbow method inertia kmeans example machine learning kmeans clustering types kmeans clustering kmeans virtual assistant transforming user experience best practices to develop chatbot chatbot pragmatic analysis nlp challenges (difficulties) discourse analysis pos word tokenization lemmatization phases of nlp nlp phases build nlp sentiment algorithm text to speech speech recognition sentiment analysis natural language processing nlp inductive reasoning reasoning ai applications intelligence types artificial intelligence artificial intelligence introduction learning types types of ai agents peas sensor actuator reflex agent knowledge based agent intelligent agents ai agents agent in ai case study ipdr dod-std-2167 a artifacts process overview core metrics incremental design ccpds ccpds-r quality indicators management indicators ttailoring the process seven core metrics process automation project organizations and responsibilities work breakdown iterative process planning checkpoints of the process workflows of the process model-based software architectures artifacts of the process engineering and production stages life-cycle phases transitioning to an iterative process principles of modern software management principles of conventional software engineering improving software economics pragmatic software cost estimation software economics waterfall model software management renaissance code hoisting interprocedural optimizations directed acyclic graph operator strength constant dead code global optimization local optimization loop optimization peephole scope scope of optimization basic block data flow analysis code optimization control flow graph cfg flow graph code optimization in compiler design symbol table in compiler design symbol table structure data structures in symbol table graph coloring usage counts global register allocation code generator in compiler code generator algorithm getreg() generic code generation algorithms. register allocation dag for register allocation type checking type checker type expression indirect triple quaruple triple syntax directed translation sdt in compiler sdd in compiler syntax directed definition symbol table data structures concrete syntax tree abstract syntax tree three address code intermediate code generation lex program cross complier tombstone diagram bootstrapping data structure for compiler transition diagram token attributes design of lexical analyzer generator lexeme regular expression finite automata to recognize tokens lexical analyzer generator recognize the tokens specify the tokens role of lexical analyzer syntax analyzer intermediate code representation code generator compiler working principle cousins of compiler loader linker interpreter assembler phases of compiler language processing system compiler applications translator
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