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Hospital marketing -Multi specilality hospital By Dr Kavita Soni


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Hospital Marketing has been viewed from a different perspective these days.It has become a major tool for business development in health care sector.The only challenge to incorporate and customize the core marketing concept to go well with hospital setting

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Hospital marketing -Multi specilality hospital By Dr Kavita Soni

  1. 1. HOSPITAL MARKETING Prepared By : Dr Kavita Soni(BDS,MHA)
  2. 2. Highlights  PSG Hospital: An Overview  Introduction: Marketing  Marketing Strategies : Multispecialty Hospital Marketing Mix Strategies - Pre commissioning At the time of commissioning Post commissioning  Branding  SWOT Analysis
  3. 3. PSG Hospital: An Overview MISSION  To provide Scientific, Ethical and Quality health care. VISION  To be a dynamic, growth oriented organization where individuals synergize to meet the challenges and to achieve excellence in all spheres.  To provide quality health care to the patients, conforming to scientific and ethical standards.  To constantly upgrade the quality of medical practice and education in the hospital.  To be a teaching hospital of distinction, setting the highest standards in patient care, medical education, training and research.  To provide an ideal environment for medical education and research.
  4. 4. Clinical Services:  24X7 Emergency and Trauma centre  Well equipped Ambulance services with life support system.  OPD (Multispecialty)  Radiology (PACS integrated) CT (Multi slice) MRI MAMAOGRAPHY X RAY Color Doppler  Laboratories(HistoPath,ClinicalPatho,Microbiology,Cytogenetic,Immunology)  Wards ( General, Semi Deluxe, Deluxe, Suite)  Critical care unit ( Medical. Surgical,Burn,Cardiac,Neonatal)  State of Art OT Complex ( 14 operationTheaters) It is 900 bedded hospital aims to deliver wide range of super speciality medical care to make health care more accesible.PSG Hospitals is the teaching hospital of PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research. It also has academic affiliations with PSG College of Nursing, PSG College of Pharmacy and PSG College of Physiotherapy. The hospital provides the clinical resources for the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of these institutions.
  5. 5. • Organ Transplant centre • Dialysis unit • Cath Lab • Labor and Maternity • Pulmonary unit • Dedicated Health check up Department Support Services • Blood Bank • Medical Records Department • Pharmacy • Patient education and Counseling • Patient welfare and Grievance Redress • Dietary services • Housekeeping and laundry • HMIS & Maintenance • Biomedical engineering • Bio Medical waste Management • CSSD • Safety and Security
  6. 6. Specialties @PSG Hospital • Anaesthesiology • Dental Surgery • Dermatology • ENT,Head and Neck Services • General Medicine • General Surgery • Obstetrics & Gynaecology • Ophthalmology • Orthopaedics Trauma • Psychiatry • Paediatrics •Radiology & Imaging TB & Chest •Gastroenterology •Nephrology •Neurosurgery •Neurology •MedicalOncology/Hemato- Oncology •Paediatric Surgery •Physiotherapy •Plastic Surgery •Pulmonologist •Urology •Yoga & Naturopathy •Rheumatology •Hepatic-Pancreatic-Biliary Surgery & Liver Transplant Surgery
  7. 7. Introduction: Marketing (What, Why , How) What?  Managing Profitable relationship with customers.  Attracting New customers  Retaining and growing existing customers. Marketing is an organization function and set of processes for creating ,communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationship in ways that benefit both organization and stakeholders.
  8. 8. Why?  Create Public awareness  Boost sale ,Increase profits  Build organization reputation
  9. 9. Marketing Aim Satisfaction Experience Differentiation and better sales Where can we add more value..??
  10. 10. How? Marketing Strategies (Multispecialty Hospital)
  11. 11. Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion People Process
  12. 12. Major products/services Cardiology as core competency Pediatric cardiology Cardiovascular surgery Neurovascular surgery Orthopedics Laboratory services Radiology services Urology Emergency services Trauma centre Ambulatory care Intensive care Preventive Care
  13. 13. Price •Competitive or value pricing ,initially less than competitors. •Facility to pay online, net banking , credit and debit banking •No or minimal security deposit for credit or insurance facilities •Easy facilities for refunds
  14. 14. Place Can be explained in terms of •Accessibility •Acceptability
  15. 15. Promotion Organizing events such as “Run for healthy heart “ Celebrating heart day, women's , fathers day, daughters day etc by offering discounts. Promotion through blood donation drives in association with community social organizations. Keeping various packages such as Executive packages Packages for women Custom or tailor made packages Family packages Basic Preventive health checkup packages
  16. 16. People •Tie up with Star doctors •Good team of medical professionals ( Including Nurses & Paramedical staff)
  17. 17. Process Billing Admission Discharge Health Check up OPD waiting Lab test reports Radiology Procedure and Reports
  18. 18. Marketing Strategies  Pre commissioning(6 months prior)  At the time of commissioning  Post commissioning
  19. 19.  Recruitment of Administrator and marketing director etc 6 months prior to the hospital.  Identify potential customers – Referral doctors/Corporates  Start circulating information about the Hospital  Fixing of competitive price for each service  Hold publicity campaigns  Use of media and press release- . Advertisement in local and national Newspaper, Radio & TV station Pre commissioning
  20. 20.  Have an easy to recall name  Looks matter..(Green building)  Designed for the disabled as well.  Procure latest technology be it costly.  CSR/Outreach campaigning  'Max Healthy Neighborhood Programme‘  Stay Healthy!! Promoting Wellness in Rural India – 2013  Plant a tree this monsoon" Campaign  Apollo Life Saver Training Program
  21. 21. At the time of commissioning  Invite prominent personalities  Invite local doctors  Invite members of medical professional bodies  Invite deans of medical and other paramedical colleges.  Invite senior physicians from the Corporate and head.  Make brochures on services available  Have a press conference  Advertise in news papers  Have a full media cover  Have a web page ready.
  22. 22.  Website management • User friendly & appealing • Create a logo • Picture gallery( events) • Updated • Locations • Details of Services, Packages, timings • Contact address and road map • Quick response to Patient queries • Make the reports available online • feedback from patient • Add a blog to the site • Make yourself visible in top five results • keep the track of people visiting your website
  23. 23.  Check your search engine optimization  Gift packages of preventive health check ups  Online payment and appointment.  Be active & utilize social networking sites.  Hospital tour  Query option to get a no-obligation second opinion from expert doctors  Testimonial videos of patient experience.  Web chat  Videos on you tube.  Help in patient’s support group chat.
  24. 24. Post commissioning  Make admission easy.  Online and easy appointment.  Online/ credit/ debit payment.  Bank /ATM facility  Waiting lounge be big with all facilities (Internet, charging, café, television, projectors displaying mission, vision, doctors profile etc)  Regular camps in surrounding district.  Public speech and relations.
  25. 25.  SMS reminders.  Smart card for OPD patients.(ease for the patient)  Online reports.  Invite and encourage suggestions and feedbacks from patients, staff..  Reward best suggestion with 50% off on health check up.  Training the staff on soft skills as well.  Clean and tidy uniforms to staff.  3 time meal to attendant as well (twin and single sharing)  Link with recognized NGOs.
  26. 26. To maintain customer base:  Patient satisfaction survey(inpatients)  Managers meeting the patients/relatives  Have a public relation/ customer service department.  Maps and signage on every floor and lifts.  Dedicated lifts for patients/relatives.  Touch screen machines to direct the way and providing information.  May I help you desk  Pick up and drop facilities for regular patients.  On phone psychological and assistance services.  Form support groups (Stroke support group, Fighting Obesity together, Say Mumma etc)  Children’s play room.  Facility of crèche.  Dialysis facility at home/ pick up for regular dialysis kind of patients.
  27. 27. To encourage corporate and insurance tie ups:  Discounted packages for executives.  Assistance and dedicated person assigned for complete check up.  Separate desk for insurance claim settlement.  Free tea/coffee after every two hours or so.
  28. 28. To attract the doctors:  Magazine adds. • Publish the articles about the services and technology that you have. • Make them newsworthy by connecting with some local concern. e.g. Digital mammography & Breast cancer  Regular CMEs and seminars to be in lime light  Interaction with the media and newsletter.  International tie ups and conferences.  Provide opportunity for fellowships.
  29. 29. To encourage referral:  Design your referral policy.  Provide facilities for the external doctors/ corporate doctors visiting the patient.  Recognition and Rewards  Magazines to promote the services in hospital and health related issues.  Have satellite clinics in neighboring districts.
  30. 30.  Keep the employees (security to top management) informed.  Internal communication needs to be strong.  Have an anthem, mission, vision lived by all.  Induction programmes for new and regular training for old employees.  Encouraging staff’s feedback and suggestion.  Bulletins and Posters about new services etc.  Empowering employees and appreciating. Internal marketing
  31. 31. Employees and customer interaction.  Train the employees coming in direct contact with the patient  Receptionist  Nurses  Doctors.  Technicians  House keeping staff
  32. 32. Art & culture Heritage sites Adventure Healing l Explore the diverse and vibrant India... MEDICAL TOURISM
  33. 33. Prerequisites.  Accreditation is mandatory.(NABL,CAP, NABH, ISO,JCI, etc)  Tie-up with Foreign Institution  Accreditations and awards.  Foreign Insurance company tie-ups  Providing packages.(visa assistance, flight ticket, ambulance pick up and drop, hotel reservations, hospital stay)  Internet access in room.  Have language interpreter/translator.  Choice of international cuisine.  Ground Transportation  Toll free Number for international patients and website manangment
  34. 34. Add ons.  Fully equipped Gymnasium and Spa for health and wellness  Several Art ‘n’ Health programmes to recuperate  A mini theatre to de-stress
  35. 35. Branding  Branding helps build customer loyalty  Branding influences purchasing decisions by occupying a place in the mind.  Branding - ( make a difference)  Marketing cultivates customers  Marketing promotes a brand’s products or services in the market  Marketing can influence a customer’s immediate decision to purchase
  36. 36. Branding • Getting a doctor of high repute associated with hospital ,it will increase brand equity.- physician branding • Getting a celebrity brand ambassador to promote health awareness programme. • Marathon for a social Cause • In film branding – three idiots • Appealing and attractive Logo and tag line • Acquire accreditations such as NABH, NABL, HACCP, CAP, ISO in future as well as to acquire major awards in the industry
  37. 37. Branding  Continuous quality improvement philosophy  Adapting feedback and suggestions  Keep the track of patients and volume.  Keep analyzing your marketing strategy in terms of number( profit, no: of patients)  Scrutinize the feedback and the suggestions.  Understand the wrong and appreciate the right strategy.  Keep changing the strategy. Change is only permanent
  38. 38. SWOT Analysis Strength •Well established name(PSG group) •Good financial resources •Latest equipment. •Committed employees •Good infrastructure • Quality services •Accreditation Weakness •Seeking better corporate tie up •Setting competitive prices. • Weak referral? • Manpower Opportunities •Rise in medical tourism •Rapid growing market •Increase in percentage of insured •Increasing income •Ageing population •Increase life style related diseases •One billion US $ FDI inflowing healthcare industry Threats •High attrition rate •Threat of new and existing players •Rivalry amongst competitors •Constant government regulation •Entry of foreign investors
  39. 39. Thank you