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Digital library electronic stuff oct 12


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An introduction to electronic resources in the Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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Digital library electronic stuff oct 12

  1. 1. Digital library: Electronic Stuff for musicians Dr Karen McAulay, Music & Academic Services Librarian
  2. 2. As well as books, music, recordings• We have a lot of electronic resources too.• Eg, e-books. The catalogue will tell you if it’s in electronic format, like this. Let’s look …
  3. 3. Click to see item, then click link
  4. 4. You’ll always have to login for ebooks• Logging in tells the ebook provider that you are one of our students.• Just your normal login.• Choose length of time, from a list of options.• Book ‘disappears’ at end of time. No fines!
  5. 5. Ebooks and Kindles• You can read an ebook on a Kindle• Depends on the provider, but you might need to download a chapter at a time• Hannah’s blogpost - but-can-i-read-your-ebook-on-my-kindle.html
  6. 6. More electronic stuff• We subscribe to journals,• Databases,• Streamed sound• All can be found on the Library/IT website or by going to the Moodle link to our catalogue
  7. 7. The Library/IT website• > About Us > Library/IT• Two pages – one is complete electronic AZ, the other is just for databases like Oxford Music Online, and streamed sound.
  8. 8. If you’re in Moodle …• Look for the Useful Links tab – which takes you to the catalogue.• The catalogue has a link to the Library/IT page• Let’s try the Moodle route:-
  9. 9. Electronic journals• We have a lot of different music journals• We also have a database full of back-issues. It’s called JSTOR• The Moving Wall (!)• You’ll have to login if you’re off-site• Shibboleth (identifying yourself as “one of us”)
  10. 10. Databases• Oxford Music Online – a music encyclopedia• RILM – an index of journal articles and books about music (useful for researching a topic)• SCRAN – Digitised Scottish resources - images and audiovisual media• There’s more – take a look for yourself!
  11. 11. And streamed sound• Classical Music Library (Alexander Street Press)• Naxos• If off-site, you need to ……….?• Because you need to identify yourself as ……?• The CML login uses Shibboleth.• It’s DIFFERENT for Naxos external access. (Shhh!)
  12. 12. The End• Take a look at the Electronic Stuff leaflet• Ask me!• Or any other library staff