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Maker Education with Junge Tueftler


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Presentation for the networking meeting with and Junge Tueftler in Berlin about MakerEdducation

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Maker Education with Junge Tueftler

  1. 1. Maker Education mit Dr. Julia Kleeberger | #jungetueftler
  2. 2. EduAction Bildungsgipfel 2016 | You can’t make education. Dr. Gerald Hüter
  3. 3. 20th century: progressive educators, who validate (physical) materials and experiences, e.g. Maria Montessori, Célestin Freinet, John Dewey, Jean Piaget since 1960ies: growing variety of (digital) construction toys since 1960ies: constructionism according to Seymour Papert and students from the MIT (Boston) beginning of the 21st century: Development of tools, Fablabs and Makerspaces 1990ies: education policy supports innovation, creativity and STEM subjects
  4. 4. examensurkunden-falsche-lehrerin-in-berliner-klassenzimmern/9306120.html
  5. 5. examensurkunden-falsche-lehrerin-in-berliner-klassenzimmern/9306120.html
  6. 6. „Half of the jobs which will exist in the year 2030 are not invented yet.“ Gerd Loanhard, Futurist und Zukunftsberater
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Content knowledge
  9. 9. Content knowledge Information, media and technology skills Information literacy, Media literacy, ICT literacy Learning and innovation skills creativity & innovation, critical thinking & problem solving, communication & collaboration Life and career skills flexibility, initiative & self direction, social and cross cultural skills, productivity, leadership & responsibility 21st Century Skills
  10. 10. Digital Literacy How and why
  11. 11. When we talk about digital literacy... Creative Coding Hardware Hacking Reflecting: Building up knowledge
  12. 12. UNSERE WERTE
  13. 13. Tinkering & Making How we do it
  14. 14. Coaching is not teaching How we live up to it
  15. 15. Less us. More them
  16. 16. We assume that everyone we coach doesn’t have any pre-knowledge but infinite intelligence.
  17. 17. Create an atmosphere which encourages to pose questions
  18. 18. Embrace difficult questions.
  19. 19. Encourage the kids to play and tinker - everything they do is great and beautiful.
  20. 20. Making at School How could it work?
  21. 21. BLENDED LEARNING - integrated learning Attended event E-Learning ● Common learning ● Practice and apply learned knowledge ● Purposefree ?? ● Acquire special knowledge ● Dig deep ● Individualization
  22. 22. What do you think?
  23. 23. ÜBER UNS Thank you Julia Kleeberger | Franziska Schmid | |