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FJE Consulting Services 2015


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FJE Consulting Services 2015

  1. 1. FJE Consulting Ltd. Paving the way to the future Recruitment Consulting Business Support Engineering Consulting Consulting Ltd. Company Registration No. 8308338. / Place of Registration: England and Wales / Registered Office: 5 Jasmine Close, Sketty, Swansea, SA2 8JF / email address:
  2. 2. Introduction FJE Consulting Ltd. is a dynamic company delivering professional recruitment, engineering and business related services throughout Europe. Its advisors and consultancies have many years of industrial experience. These in house experts, freelancers and other collaborative agents are carefully selected before joining our team and are well-motivated for all challenges. Initially, FJE Consulting started in the core sector of Recruitment Consulting, but it soon became clear that the market needed a partner offering additional services combined with recruitment skills. As a result, two other sectors were established. We are therefore now proud to offer the following services: • Recruitment • Business Support • Engineering Consulting At FJE Consulting Ltd., we strongly believe the combination of recruitment, engineering and business gives competitive advantages for our clients in long term. Looking beyond the horizon or moving out of the comfort zone almost perfectly describes our work ethos. Driven by our curiosity, our willingness to expand our professional knowledge is a valuable attitude which is vital for going the extra mile. 1/5
  3. 3. Recruitment Consulting FJE Consulting Ltd. offers a recruitment consulting service with great confidence, as we know that objectives will be fully satisfied for both clients and candidates. We take pride in our work and therefore quality is more important than quantity to us. Our selection approach is that both soft skills as well as hard skills need to be considered when selecting the right candidates. Before any candidate is suggested to the client making the final decision, some of the candidate’s knowledge will be generally tested in their subject by one of our experts when we think it is needed or when requested by the client. At this stage of our still expanding business, we are providing Recruitment services in the following disciplines • Executive • Engineering • IT Our team has many years’ experience in each of the disciplines and therefore we fully understand job requirements. 2/5
  4. 4. Business Support FJE Consulting Ltd. noticed how important it is to support businesses in reaching their potential. Therefore, we decided to expand our service by providing a business support service with the involvement of specialists. Using our judgment and skills helps to open business doors for our clients in existing or new markets. We take pride in presenting our clients in a professional way to new customers. Currently, the cost effective business support is divided into: • Marketing Two of the marketing methods used are professional networking and word of mouth. The professional network was established over years of marketing and personally presenting FJE Consulting Ltd. We are now able to support your business with our marketing strategy. Increasing sales and a considerable sustainable competitive advantage will be noticed after a specific time scale. Our team can also help you to advertise your company with the latest information technology. • Mergers and Acquisitions Our team is specialised in company sales and purchase for the plastics industry. However, our stated ambition is to expand beyond this sector. One of our collaborative partners has gained more than thirty years’ extensive experience within Mergers and Acquisitions. Our objective is to achieve the best price for our client and to buy or sell the company within the best possible timescale. This is achievable with our well-developed professional network across Europe and beyond. 3/5
  5. 5. Engineering Consulting Our team of Doctors specialise in a wide range of different engineering disciplines as well as a high level of practical engineering skills from various industries which guarantees first class engineering consultancy. Without doubt, all our team members are passionate about their disciplines and are driven by achieving their maximum professional skills. New challenges are always especially warmly welcomed! By using state of the art of engineering tools including CAD, FEA and CFD, we are well equipped for any project. A positive attitude of continuous learning and professional development has definitely built the foundations for achieving the best outcome for a diverse range of engineering projects. 4/5 Computer Aided Design Finite Element Analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics Development and Research Product Design Automotive Mechanical Behaviour of Materials Advanced Material Die Castings AerospacePlastic Mouldings
  6. 6. Contact FJE Consulting Ltd. Company Registration No. 8308338. Place of Registration: England and Wales Registered Office: 5 Jasmine Close, Sketty, Swansea, SA2 8JF email address: We would be happy to discuss any of our services in more detail with you. 5/5