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Making a deepfake


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In the last of the three talks from Barclays, I show how easy it is to make your own deepfake focussing on a "social media" quality fake for ethical reasons. The takeaway from this is how easy they are to make with a £1000 laptop in 24 hours so that you can question what you see and think critically.

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Making a deepfake

  1. 1. DeepFakes PART 3: How to make a deepfake Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl
  2. 2. You gotta choose, yourself, how to use it The knowledge you hold and Don't ever let a letter go You only get one shot to stop And one chance to know Responsibility comes once you're a science guy, yo! Tim Blais, Choose Yourself
  3. 3. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Part 3 • GIFs • Short videosOne shot • Technical Requirements • Data RequirementsBespoke • Training • Generation and post-processingEnd to End
  4. 4. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Curated video
  5. 5. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl ReFace
  6. 6. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Captain Samantha Christoforetti Images from ESA and Samantha Christoforetti "If you have ALS, it's crucial that you do not wait and that you start backing up your voice while you still have it." - Pat Quinn
  7. 7. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Process give-his-dying-father-artificial-immortality/ • Source Face • Destination Face • Videos • Still images Get data and facial features • Swap A to B • Swap B to A • Test • Feedback Create a GAN model • Source video • Apply deepfake Create your new video • Over dub sound • Fix issues Post-Process
  8. 8. • it is not for creating inappropriate content. • it is not for changing faces without consent or with the intent of hiding its use. • it is not for any illicit, unethical, or questionable purposes.
  9. 9. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Software Ubuntu 18.04 Nvidia Cuda Faceswap Audacity Shotcut Optional: Git apt-get install git-core Docker
  10. 10. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Setup Hands on: 5 min Processing: 10 min
  11. 11. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Source data – Face A Hands on: 35 min Processing: 10 min
  12. 12. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Source data – Face B Hands on: 40 min Processing: 10 min
  13. 13. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Data Processing Hands on: 40 min Processing: 20 min
  14. 14. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl VGG Faces
  15. 15. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Data Extract Hands on: 40 min Processing: 20 min
  16. 16. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Converting Hands on: 50 min Processing: 20 min
  17. 17. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl GANs
  18. 18. Do not underestimate how much processing this needs or you will start a fire…
  19. 19. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl End of training Hands on: 65 min Processing: 22.5 hrs
  20. 20. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Finding a video Hands on: 80 min Processing: 22.5 hrs
  21. 21. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Converted image Hands on: 1.5 hrs Processing: 22.6 hrs
  22. 22. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Audio Editing (basic) Hands on: 1.75 hrs Processing: 22.6 hrs
  23. 23. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Space…. Hands on: 2 hrs Processing: 22.6 hrs
  24. 24. Are you ready to tell the difference?
  25. 25. Dr Janet Bastiman @yssybyl Questions? Part 1: What are deepfakes? Part 2: Ethics and detection of deepfakes
  26. 26. Contact Me @yssybyl