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Jamal CV


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Jamal CV

  1. 1. Jamal Abdelgader PROFILE An extremely determined, focused and intelligent individual with a management background, good administration and leadership skills, has the ability to analyze and research complex fieldwork information. Capable of enthusiastically working in a team environment, adhering to strict deadlines and accurately carrying out work at a high standard. Now, looking to work for a company or organization where I can progress and develop in an exciting, dynamic and challenging new role. I am available to start work immediately and would be interested in undertaking any further training required. EDUCATION 2008-2013Sheffield Hallam University, UK - PhD Sheffield Business School )Insights into organizational capabilities that influence organizational competitiveness and innovation.( 2009–2008Sheffield Hallam University, UK - MSc Master of Arts )Masters in Research methods( 2005-2004Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Msc in Marketing )Masters in International Marketing( 1998–1994Altahadi University, Libya- Bachelor in Administration Management )Bachelor in Administration Management( SKILLS Confident Communicator –My written and verbal communication skills were improved through conducting lab, lectures, individual presentations and interacting with individuals in seminars by discussing and debating current topics. Leadership – Having the opportunity to complete the professional course in teaching (2013) has proven to be a tremendous opportunity not only in terms of developing my professional skills but it has also totally changed my perspective with regards to how I view and track my own self and professional development. It gave me the skills, connections and inspiration to become a better teacher both at work and in society Initiative –Completing individual projects for my PhD, during my work and as tutor for undergraduate students developed my ability to: take the initiative; to plan, organize and prioritize tasks; analyze information and effectively apply it; and keep to deadlines. Jamal Abdelgader Tunisia Residence rawassi-Bloc C Appt 5.4 Post : 2045 L’Aouina (Cité des palmerais) Mobile No: 0021653547228 Work status: Freelance E-Mail:
  2. 2. Flexibility –The need to balance study, family responsibilities and social life could only be managed through good time-management and self discipline. This has given me the patience and ability to co-ordinate a variety of activities and commitments at the same time and to achieve effective results. Problem Solving –The ability to solve problems, where difficulties arose, it was necessary to work through the situation logically and, sometimes, negotiate on certain issues. This required patience, listening and being aware of the needs of others. Teamwork –I worked effectively with others in completing numerous group projects at university. My lively personality, sociable disposition and positive attitude gave me the ability to mix well with a wide range of people of different ages and backgrounds and make a positive contribution to the groups. As a footballer, I learned to appreciate the values of team work. My experience as a Ph.D researcher enabled me to take control when required and ensure successful completion of the task. Commitment –This is reflected in my ability and determination to complete a challenging degree programmes to gain better future employment. My attitude to work is one of enthusiasm and motivation with the willingness and ability to learn fast in situations where needed. Languages: English, Arabic Hardware: Can upgrade and maintain personal computer system. Can provide computer hardware and software support based upon a set of standard and system diagnostic principles. Advanced User: Word Processing and Spreadsheet applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access WORK EXPERIENCE July 2007–Oct 2014 (Machmadas) Shopping Center, Libya – Part-time Manager Working as a part-time within the customer correspondence team and providing advices and solutions to meet their needs is of prime importance in the role. With positive outlook and the desire to make sure customers are treated politely and professionally, to ensure all customer queries are resolved and keeping customers happy is of prime importance as one of the owners of the business. Feb 2005– Feb Libyan Students Union, UK - , Activity Manager I have over a year’s work experience as an organizer of The Libyan students all over the UK . During this time I regularly hold meetings of up to 100 students. I also worked with smaller groups of Ph.D and Masters students as part of my responsibilities. As such, I am very approachable, and have strong communication skills. Jul 2008 – July Libyan Students Union – Organizer (Part-time( 2004 I was part of the organizing committee for the annual Libyan Students Conference, attended by over 2000 Libyan students from all over the U.K. I was responsible for financing and registering students, preparing registration packs and generally ensuring that the conference ran smoothly. My efforts were recognized as I was one of the people to receive a special acommendation from the Libyan government. INTERESTS •All Sports •Traveling •Socializing and meeting people •Music
  3. 3. Others •Clean full Libyan Driving License. •Member of British Academy of Management, REFEREES AND PUBBLICATIONS: REFEREES: Available on Request PUBBLICATIONS: Available on Request