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Dental materials


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Dental materials

  1. 1. DefinitionDefinition The science of dentalThe science of dental biomaterial is concerned withbiomaterial is concerned with the study of the compositionthe study of the composition and properties of dentaland properties of dental materials and the way in whichmaterials and the way in which they interact with thethey interact with the environment in which they areenvironment in which they are placed.placed.
  2. 2. History of Dental MaterialsHistory of Dental Materials
  3. 3. The selection of materials for any given application can thus be undertaken with confidence and sound judgment and on scientific bases. Goals for Studying Dental MaterialsGoals for Studying Dental Materials
  4. 4. Oral EnvironmentOral Environment The mouth provides an aggressive environment for materials. It is characterized by  wetness, the presence of acids, high grinding and impact forces, rapid change in temperature and the frequent introduction of foreign objects of different chemistries.
  5. 5. Characteristics of Ideal DentalCharacteristics of Ideal Dental MaterialMaterial  The materials to be used in the mouth should have the following characteristics:  Biocompatible (non irritant or toxic to the oral tissues.  Mechanically stable and durable.  Resistant to tarnish, corrosion and chemicals.  Dimensionally stable.
  6. 6. Characteristics of Ideal DentalCharacteristics of Ideal Dental MaterialMaterial  Good esthetics.Good esthetics.  Easy to manipulate.Easy to manipulate.  Adhesive to tissues.Adhesive to tissues.  Tasteless and odorless.Tasteless and odorless.  Cleanable and reliableCleanable and reliable ..  Of low cost or within the patient’sOf low cost or within the patient’s budgetbudget
  7. 7. Organizations Involved In MaintainingOrganizations Involved In Maintaining Quality of Dental MaterialsQuality of Dental Materials  Among the well known dental organizationsAmong the well known dental organizations that regulate the practice of dentistry are thethat regulate the practice of dentistry are the American Dental Association (ADA), BritishAmerican Dental Association (ADA), British Dental Association, and the FDI (InternationalDental Association, and the FDI (International Dental Federation)Dental Federation)  'The American Dental Association'The American Dental Association specifications for dental materials isspecifications for dental materials is considered the major referance for theconsidered the major referance for the material acceptance in the internationalmaterial acceptance in the international dental market.
  8. 8. Classification of Materials Used In DentistryClassification of Materials Used In Dentistry  Impression materials  Polymeric materials  Metallic and non metallic restorative dental materials  Denture base materials  Gypsum products  Investment materials  etcetc