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  • The Internet of Things: A Look at Real-World Use Cases and Concerns ---
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  • The Internet of Things (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series) ---
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  • The outline of the presentation is To show the internet of thing is about richer connection Connection to one objects are growing and growing…. As like as economical message transition and connection boster the economy To compare the how this connect is growing …To assess the value of connection …Understand and robustness of each of the connection… It is about big data….These data need to process…. And need powere…Concept of local cloudl and global cloud
  • Asia especially the India is very important for future IoT for smart city..
  • By 2050, about 70% of population will moved to city..
  • Number of Megacities is rising up… up until 1975 there were 3 mega cities millions people and by 2025 there will be over 29 lines of megacities
  • People move into city because city suck the intelligent people and offer great opportunities.. ….because city make people more smart because we are smart .. City suck intelligent brain…People migrate to cities for many reasons, including entertainment, excitement and employment opportunities.Cities are liked wacum cleaner and like magnet, suck up creative people, creative idea, innovation it provided the opportunities for interacting with many people… etc..
  • Need more water…More transportation Cricis of energy, crisis of water…Crime…City is source of problem ….. Many problem crime, pollution, disasterWaste generation, scarcity of resources, air pollution, human health, traffic congestion, etc..
  • Distributed system
  • Quick reminder of the project consortium
  • Self-Aware Internet of thing

    1. 1. Self-Aware Internet of Thing A. Rahim Biswas, Create-Net, Italy Levent Gurgen, CEA-LETI, France Klaus Moessner, University of Surrey, UK
    2. 2. Vision 2020 Future Internet: Forecasting, Opportunities and Challenges
    3. 3. BOSCH 7 bln connected devices by 2015
    4. 4. SAP 24 bln connected devices by 2020
    5. 5. INTEL 31 bln connected devices by 2020
    6. 6. CISCO 37-50 bln connected devices by 2020
    7. 7. Source BBC, United Nation Population forecasting until 2050  India to be the world's most populated country by 2028  Current global population of 7.2 billion will reached 9.6 billion by 2050
    8. 8. Population growth projection Asia and Africa Source BBC, United Nation EU and USA
    9. 9. Future city population forecasting
    10. 10. Rise of no. of megacities
    11. 11. Why do people move to the City?  Economy, employment opportunities, entertainment, education…
    12. 12. City is sources of problems  … apart of transportation, energy, water.. crisis in other domains
    13. 13. Hitachi, presentation of Mr. Nakajima CTO, Hitachi-Europe IoT in Smart City
    14. 14. IoT in Smart City
    15. 15. Technical view  IoT key enablers, architecture, technologies  IoT convergence with big-data and cloud  Self-X/ Self-Aware and cognitive capabilities
    16. 16. Key enablers Cloud
    17. 17. Horizontal Platform Vision Pipe (vertical): Horizontal (based on common Layer) 1 Application, 1 NW, 1 (or few) type of Device Applications share common infrastructure, environments and network elements Business Application #1 Business Application #i Business Application #N Common Application Infrastructure Communication Network (mobile, fixed, Powerline ..) Communication Network 2 Communication Network 1 Gateway Local NW Device IP Gateway Local NW 17 Device Device Device Device FBConsulting, OneM2M presentation Business Application
    18. 18. hosting databases partners SI devices 18 FBConsulting, OneM2M presentation; Based on ETSI Smart City WS June 2013 presentation M. Arndt, ORANGE. How IoT works without a platform applications
    19. 19. … and with a platform Cognitive capability databases partners SI applications IoT Platform Our managed devices All devices your devices Simple, scalable, robust, resilient, trustful & secure 19 FBConsulting, OneM2M presentation; Based on ETSI Smart City WS June 2013 presentation M. Arndt, ORANGE. hosting
    20. 20. CISCO: Fog Computing, IoE
    21. 21. Infrastructure -centric computing  Local and global cloud  Processing data near source  Execute service near users
    22. 22. Autonomic Computing and Internet of Things: an indispensable union  Autonomic computing, a grand challenge that will allow systems self-managing their complexity, using high-level objectives and policies defined by humans.  Internet of things (IoT) will exponentially increase the scale and the complexity of existing computing and communication systems  Autonomy is thus an imperative property for IoT systems.
    23. 23. Three on-going IoT and Cloud projects  BUTLER  iCORE  ClouT
    24. 24. EU FP7 BUTLER Project uBiquitous, secUre inTernetof-things with Location and contExt-awaReness FP7 call: FP7-ICT-2011-7 Integrated Project October 2011  September 2014 15 M€ 1234 man-months & From BUTLER project presentation © CEA. All rights reserved DACLE Division| March 2013 24 | 24
    25. 25. Today: Domain-centric smart solutions SmartTransport SmartHome - Monitoring and controlling - Saving energy comfortably - Interacting with appliances -… SmartHealth - Monitoring medicine intake - Personalized diabetes assistance - Providing training tips -… & From BUTLER project presentation SmartShopping - Promoting carpooling - Minimizing taxi delays - Avoiding traffic jams -… ! - Managing sparkdeals - Getting advice on buying goods - Retrieving discount -… SmartCity - Managing parking space - Lighting up a city efficiently - Monitoring Air Quality -… © CEA. All rights reserved DACLE Division| March 2013 25 | 25
    26. 26. iCore Project Outline/Consortium  Project outline - Project type: Integrated Project - Duration: 36 months - Total cost: €13.4M (59% industry) - EC requested funding: €8,5M - Resources: 1,332 PM (111 FTEs)  Consortium - Coordinator: CREATE-NET (Italy) - 20 partners ( including NTT) - Strong industry participation (12 companies) - 12 countries (including China/Japan - External stakeholders group (use cases) 26 iCore + Butler joint workshop 07th October 2011
    27. 27. Overall iCore framework 27 iCore + Butler joint workshop 07th October 2011
    28. 28. ClouT: Cloud of Things for empowering the citizen clout in smart cities FP7 EU-Japan Collaborative project ( April 2013 -> March 2016, & © CEA. All rights reserved DACLE Division| March 2013 | 28
    29. 29. Cloud model for IoT services Service mashup end-users, innovators, startups, service providers, SMEs, CSaaS City application software as a Service CPaaS City Platform as a Service Virtualisation Middleware services CIaaS City Infrastructure as a Service legacy devices & © CEA. All rights reserved DACLE Division| March 2013 | 29