Empowering a cloud based Internet of thing European Project


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  • Brief of AC14- Cognitive Technologies for IoT- Understanding on AC14Overall motivation why this AC14 is so important taking into account the the future research and industrial needs, future trends of cognitive technologiesOverall scope of the activity chain AC14 in order for other projects a clear understanding of the scope to contribute in this AC14 ( listed out the technical topics of the AC14)Number of the projects has shown their interests in this session. ( potential interest of others projects..)Type of activities that we foreseen and plan actionsOutcomes and results
  • IoT.est- To develop a test-driven dynamic service creation environment for IoTIoT- A – Proposing reference architecture iCore- Bring the cognitive control and management mechanism in IoT architecture and introduce the concept of virtual object and composite virtual objects..BUTLER- Ubiquitous IoT with location and context aware open architecture based on the users behaviours and needs
  • Ubiquitous IoT-Centric Cloud Service Platform
  • Empowering a cloud based Internet of thing European Project

    1. 1. Ubiquitous Connected Objects for Reconfigurable Eco-Systems Empowering a cloud based IoT Dr.-Ing Abdur Rahim Biswas iCore project manager/ IERC AC14 Co-coordinator (On behalf of uCore consortium)
    2. 2. Acknowledgement • The concept is proposed by several partners from iCore/IoT.est and other EU FP7 IoT projects
    3. 3. Background Contribution to 4th EU-Japan Symposium http://www.prime-pco.com/4thJEUsymposium/pdf/s3/s3_abdur_rahim.pdf
    4. 4. Background 21 partners 2011-2014 14.5m Euro 8 partners 2011-2014 4m Euro 18 partners 2011-2014 15m Euro 21 partners 2010-2013 14.5m Euro Empowering a Cloud-Based IoT
    5. 5. Future Smart City Vision One city, one service platform Bringing communities, stakeholders and citizens together for a more sustainable society Cities are treasure troves of data and information, exploitation this "big data” will generate new values and new opportunities
    6. 6. Today: Internet of things and cloud • • Domain-centric solutions and applications Infrastructure centric networks (intra-net of things) o • Representing silos that do not support interoperability Lack of intelligent and self-management capabilities o Require capabilities to manage large amounts of IoT objects/data and knowledge • • Fragmented IoT and cloud technologies Basic data storage and processing
    7. 7. Most relevant European IoT research • Sharing resources and service provision over multiple domains and horizontal applications- iCore • Principle for ubiquitously available, accessible and controllable real world objects and devices -iCore • • Encompassing cognitive control and management in the IoT -iCore Flexible and dynamic creation of services based on user demand and requirements - iCore/IoT.est • Concealing technological and network heterogeneity and support various kinds of devices and their integration- iCore/IoT-A • • User/application centric IoT - iCore/BUTLER An interoperable architecture reference-model for the IoT - IoT-A
    8. 8. Overall% framework% IC or e Empowering+ through+ IoT+ Cognitive+ Technologies ! iCore cognitive control and management IoT architecture Virtual user and application level Virtual world Composition virtual object level Virtual object level Cognitive C&M Users world Object world 8% iCore% Butler% workshop% +% joint% 07th% October% % 2011%
    9. 9. iCore Technical approach Alignment with EU IoT activities, Overall cognitive process optimization, Architecture reference model iCore security Context awareness, cognitive process technologies Service logic factory Complex event prosessing, service Cognitive composition technologies management and control framework CVO CVO User context registries User level cognitive processes CVO registries CVO level cognitive processes Semantic technologies for maintaining the handle to Virtual Objects VO VO VO VO Sensor Actuator Connectivity Real World Objects VO registries VO level cognitive processes Soft Sensor Soft Actuator Digital World Objects
    10. 10. Future requirements • Cognitive manageability and Self-* capabilities ( decision, learning and reasoning capabilities in IoT and Cloud) • Scalable and secure a large amount of resources/data sharing and management • • • “Big data” storage and processing for real-time services Reliable and real-time communication from objects to applications Maximum accessibility and connectivity (interoperable and standard APIs) • • • • Dynamic metering – when IoT resources and services are shared On-demand and flexible cloud-based IoT service provision Users experience creation and enablement Privacy and security by design/trusted solutions
    11. 11. uCore Approach • • • Further realisation of iCore virtual object & composite virtual object and cognitive management mechanisms and to follow complementary approach with other EU projects BUTLER, IoT.est and IoT-A Consolidated IoT centric common cloud based services platform taking into account future IoT vision and requirements Enabling secure, scalable and real-time exploitation of IoT objects, devices, infrastructure and applications within an internet service perspective
    12. 12. Smart Life facility, accessibility Building green cities and facilitating sustainable mobility Healthcare and ageing society Disaster prevention and management uCore examples for potential application domains
    13. 13. uCore closing remarks • • • • Major opportunity for moving towards one platform for the universal realization of the smart city vision uCore partners have a rich portfolio of successful collaborations with Japan o Standards in the context of IEEE, e.g., P1900.4, P1900.6, etc., in collaboration with NICT (Smart Wireless Laboratory). o Research work, e.g., special issues, joint papers, etc. o Regular visits and exchange of ideas in the context of workshops Major opportunity for building a success story Aiming at a closer collaboration with Japanese side, for instance would be happy if NICT could lead the Japanese side
    14. 14. Kiitos Thank You! Dr.-Ing Abdur Rahim Biswas iCore Project Manager/ IERC AC14 Coordinator Create-Net, Italy Email: abdur.rahim@create-net.org