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Innovative solution to problems in Nigerian pharmacy practice


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As a pharmacist in Nigeria, it is difficult to know what you gave your patients, follow up with them and alert them to return for refills. Wella Health engage helps with this problems

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Innovative solution to problems in Nigerian pharmacy practice

  1. 1. Ever Experienced this situation? Dear Pharmacist
  2. 2. ‘Give me that white, or is it pink drug you gave me last week’
  3. 3. ‘What white or pink Drug? There are so many’
  4. 4. ‘Maybe it’s this one?’
  5. 5. You’ve likely lost a lot of sales in situations like this
  6. 6. What about the challenge of good pharmaceutical care when you’re so busy
  7. 7. ...And have so many people & things to attend to
  8. 8. Not Easy Right?
  9. 9. Despite this, You of course want to improve your care,
  10. 10. Leave your Patients Satisfied
  11. 11. And get them to return and refer others
  12. 12. Now
  13. 13. Record exactly what you give patients
  14. 14. Follow up automatically via SMS
  15. 15. Alert them exactly when a refill is due
  16. 16. All done In less than a minute!
  17. 17. ‘I must need some fancy equipment and software’
  18. 18. No, all you need is
  19. 19. A Lagos Pharmacist had this to say: ‘Since using this simple service, we’ve seen more loyal patients and increased income’
  20. 20. Interested?Send us an email with your phone number Call, text or whatsapp +234 817 904 5442 Courtesy Founded by Dr Neto and Aaron