Innovations in primary care


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Talks On the Hill about the ACA and Primary care transformation by : Kevin Grumbach, University of California, San Francisco; Paul Grundy, IBM; Craig Jones, Vermont Blueprint for Health; and Jeffrey Schiff, Minnesota Department of Human Services. Melinda Abrams of The Commonwealth Fund and Ed Howard of the Alliance co-moderated.

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Innovations in primary care

  1. 1. Innovations in Primary Care: Whats in the ACA?Monday, December 13, 2010One of the goals of the Affordable Care Act is improving the quality of health care while also slowingthe growth of spending. This will not be easy as 30+ million individuals gain insurance and the need forchronic care coordination increases with an aging population.In order to meet this challenge, the law aims to move the health care system away from an episodic, fee-for-service approach and towards a coordinated, preventive model of care delivery.Important to this effort are primary care providers, who will serve as the focal point for new modelssuch as the patient-centered medical home and the accountable care organization. The nature of thesenew systems of care delivery will depend in turn on a variety of factors, including the design ofpayment incentives, the involvement of Medicare and the private sector, the impact of state initiativesand the lessons learned from the various pilot programs authorized by the law. This briefing willexplore these and other important topics.How does the ACA support primary care? What strategies are being pursued to build the capacity of theprovider workforce? How will payment reforms affect the delivery of care? What roles will states andpurchasers play in this effort?To address these questions and others, the Alliance and The Commonwealth Fund sponsored aDecember 13 briefing. Panelists were: Kevin Grumbach, University of California, San Francisco; PaulGrundy, IBM; Craig Jones, Vermont Blueprint for Health; and Jeffrey Schiff, Minnesota Departmentof Human Services. Melinda Abrams of The Commonwealth Fund and Ed Howard of the Allianceco-moderated.Speakers Melinda Abrams, The Commonwealth Fund, Moderator Kevin Grumbach, University of California, San Francisco, Speaker Jeffrey Schiff, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Speaker Craig Jones, Vermont Blueprint for Health, Speaker Paul Grundy, IBM, Speaker(Click on the camera icon to see a video of the speakers presentation.)Transcript, Event Summary and/or Webcast and PodcastTranscript: Innovations in Primary Care: Whats in the ACA? (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 12/22/2010Event Summary: Event Summary (Word Document), 12/22/2010Full Webcast/Podcast: Innovations in Primary Care: Whats in the ACA?The full webcast and podcast for this briefing, as well as videos of individual speakers presentations,are provided by Kaiser Family Foundation.Speaker PresentationsMelinda Abrams Presentation (PowerPoint), 12/13/2010Kevin Grumbach Presentation (PowerPoint), 12/13/2010
  2. 2. Craig Jones Presentation (PowerPoint), 12/13/2010Jeffrey Schiff Presentation (PowerPoint), 12/13/2010Paul Grundy Presentation (PowerPoint), 12/13/2010(If you want to download one or more slides from these presentations, contact us at info@allhealth orclick here for instructions.)Source MaterialsAgenda (Word Document), , 12/13/2010Sourcelist (Word Document), , 12/13/2010Materials List (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 12/13/2010Event Summary (Word Document), , 12/22/2010Speaker Biographies (Word Document), , 12/13/2010Offsite Materials (briefing documents saved on other websites)How Physician Practices Could Share Personnel and Resources To Support Medical Homes, HealthAffairs, 6/22/2010- By Melinda Abrams, Edward L. Schor, & Stephen SchoenbaumPatient-Centered Medical Home: What, Why and How?, IBM Global Business Services, 5/1/2009- By Jim Adams, Paul Grundy, Martin S. Kohn, and Edgar MounibIf You Build It, Will They Come? Designing Truly Patient-Centered Health Care, Health Affairs,5/1/2009- By Christine Bechtel and Debra L. NessA Nationwide Survey of Patient-Centered Medical Home Demonstration Projects, The CommonwealthFund, 5/17/2010- By Asaf Bitton,Carina Martin and Bruce LandonHealth Policy Brief: Patient-Centered Medical Homes, Health Affairs and Robert Wood JohnsonFoundation, 9/14/2010- By Amanda CassidyPatient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Promise and Peril for Primary Care, Annals of InternalMedicine, 6/1/2010- By John D. GoodsonOutcomes of Implementing Patient Centered Medical Home Interventions: A Review of the Evidencefrom Prospective Evaluation Studies in the United States, Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative,11/16/2010- By Kevin Grumbach and Paul GrundyThe Multi-Stakeholder Movement for Primary Care Renewal and Reform, Health Affairs, 5/1/2010- By Paul Grundy Kay R. Hagan, Jennie Chin Hansen and Kevin GrumbachThe Timeline for Accountable Care: The Rollout of the Payment and Delivery Reform Provisions in thePatient Protection and ACA and the Implications for Accountable Care Organizations, Health LawReporter, 3/25/2010- By Douglas A. HastingsPatient Beware of Accountable Care Organization, The Heritage Foundation, 10/27/2010- By Daniel JohnsonCommunity Care of North Carolina: Building Community Systems of Care through State and LocalPartnerships, The Commonwealth Fund., 6/1/2009- By Douglas McCarthy and Kimberly Mueller
  3. 3. Health Policy Brief: Accountable Care Organizations, Health Affairs and Robert Wood JohnsonFoundation, 8/13/2010- By Mark MerlisStructuring Payment for Medical Homes, Health Affairs, 5/1/2010- By Katie Merrel and Robert A. BerensonHealth Care Homes: Annual Report on Implementation 2009, Minnesota Department of HumanServices., 12/1/2009- By Minnesota Department of Human ServicesThe Group Health Medical Home at Year Two: Cost Savings, Higher Patient Satisfaction, And LessBurnout for Providers, Health Affairs, 5/1/2010- By Robert J. Reid, Katie Coleman, Eric A. Johnson, Paul A. Fishman, Clarissa Hsu, Michael P.Soman, Claire E. Trescott, Michael Erikson and Eric B. LarsonPrimary Care and Accountable Care – Two Essential Elements of Delivery-System Reform, The NewEngland Journal of Medicine, 12/10/2009- By Diane Rittenhouse, Stephen M. Shortell and Elliott S. FisherDesigning Vermont’s Pay-for Population Health System, Preventing Chronic Disease 2010, 11/1/2010- By James HesterThe Family Doctor: A Remedy for Health-Care Costs?, Businessweek, 7/6/2009- By Catherine ArnstCMS Introduces New Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, Initiatives to Better CoordinateCare, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid , 11/16/2010- By Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.Press Release: HHS Awards $320 Million to expand Primary Care Workforce, Health and HumanServices, 9/27/2010- By: Health and Human ServicesIn Reversal, ‘Match Day’ Sees Rise in Students Seeking Family-Medicine Residencies, The Chronicleof Higher Education., 3/18/2010- By Katherine, ManganHealth Care Reform Calls for Shared Savings Programs: ACO Model Could Offer Lower-cost, Higher-quality Care, American Academy of Family Physicians News Now, 10/27/2010- By: Sheri PorterPilot Plan on Health an Option for States, The Wall Street Journal, 6/8/2010- By Shirley S.WangPhotosMelinda Abrams, vice president at The Kevin Grumbach of the Univ. of Calif. - San
  4. 4. Commonwealth Fund, described how the Francisco discussed the wisdom of investing in Affordable Care Act invests in primary care, at primary care at the Dec. 13 briefing cosponsoredthe Dec. 13 briefing cosponsored by the Fund. (6 by The Commonwealth Fund. (13 min.) min.)Jeffrey Schiff of the Minnesota Dept. of Human Craig Jones, director of Vermont Blueprint for Services describes how the Minnesota Health Health, described how Vermont is boosting Care Home program coordinates care among primary care at the Dec. 13 briefing cosponsored many providers. From the Dec. 13 briefing by The Commonwealth Fund. (14 min.) cosponsored by The Commonwealth Fund. (14 min.)Paul Grundy, IBMs global director of healthcare transformation, laid out the business care for patient-centered medical homes at the Dec. 13 briefing cosponsored by The Commonwealth Fund. (14 min.)