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Electronic prescribing is more than generating a prescription on a computer and printing or faxing it to a pharmacy. E-prescribing must also provide functionality and workflow flexibility to work for both physicians and staff involved in the prescribing process.

Rcopia®, the #1 most used and decorated standalone electronic prescription management system from DrFirst®, allows physicians to provide a higher level of patient safety and service, streamline back office business systems and save time and money through the efficiency of electronic medication orders, renewals and formulary checking

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  • Get rewarded for ditching the prescription pad with government incentive money
  • The E-prescribing Informational

    1. 1. E-prescribingInformational
    2. 2. What’s wrong with paperprescriptions?
    3. 3. 7,000 Deaths occur each year in theUnited States due to paperprescription-based adverse drug events, including:• handwriting illegibility• incorrect dosing• missed drug-drug or drug- allergy reactions
    4. 4. Over 1.5 Millionpatients sustain injuries each year as a result of preventable adverse drug events
    5. 5. $2 BillionThe estimated annual cost for preventableadverse drug events inhospital settings alone
    6. 6. 88% of physicians who have adoptede-prescribing had prescription legibility related errors at some point in their career
    7. 7. $15,700 The cost of time spent, per year per physician,managing unnecessary administrative tasks related to paper-based prescriptions
    8. 8. 150 million call-backs are received by physician offices from pharmacies with questions,clarifications and refill requests for paper-based prescriptions
    9. 9. 20% of paper-based prescriptions are never filled by the patient
    10. 10. $140-$240 BillionThe estimated savings over a 10 year spanwith greater adoption of e-prescribing
    11. 11. For physicians, the benefits of adopting healthcareinformation technology solutions are loud and clear
    12. 12. More than 570 millione-prescriptions wererouted electronically in 2011
    13. 13. Over 1/3rd of all prescriptions were delivered electronically in the United States in 2011
    14. 14. 52% of all office-based physicians actively use e-prescribing, as of 2011
    15. 15. Over 50% of the practices in the US employing between two and 10 physicians adopted an e-prescribing system in 2011
    16. 16. 75% of Internists and FamilyPractitioners use e-prescribing
    17. 17. 94% of retail pharmaciesnationwide arenow connectedand receivinge-prescriptions
    18. 18. 41 states have approved legislation to allowE-prescribing for controlled substances as of October, 2012
    19. 19. Over 70 Electronic Health Record (EHR)companies have adopted the ability to e-prescribe controlled substances
    20. 20. “Electronic prescribing is now well on itsway to becoming mainstream practice.The vision that pharmacies and PBMs had over10 years ago – replacing phone, fax and paper-based prescribing with e-prescribing – is beingrealized today through improved medicationmanagement, increased patient convenienceand reduced costs for all.”- Harry Totonis, President and CEO, Surescripts
    21. 21. What cane-prescribing do for your practice?
    22. 22. Make more informed real-timedecisions with access to patient’s medication history
    23. 23. Receive alertsfor any potential drug-drug & drug-allergy reactions that could lead to adverse drug events
    24. 24. Easily access a patient’sformulary and select cost effective prescriptions
    25. 25. Quickly and efficiently respond to pharmacy renewal requests
    26. 26. Increase patient convenience byreducing patient trips to the pharmacy and wait times
    27. 27. Reduce oreliminate the time staffspends pulling and re-filingpaper medical charts
    28. 28. Have more opportunities to provide improved patient care or perform other reimbursable activities
    29. 29. Give your patientsgreater confidence that their provider is current in all areas of health care, with thelatest technologies in place
    30. 30. Avoid the Medicare penalties of 1.5% in 2013 and 2% in 2014 as part of theMedicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA)
    31. 31. E-prescribing is a key component of the Meaningful Use requirements, as it satisfies objectives including:• Patient engagement• Improved care coordination during transitions in care or multiple care settings• Safety regarding both the privacy and security of patient health information objectives
    32. 32. “Patient safety, significant errorreduction, efficiency, less dataentry and less repetitive work forour staff are just few of thebenefits that electronic prescribinghas brought to our practice.”- Alberto Sobrado, MD
    33. 33. Getting an e-prescribingsystem up andrunning in youroffice is easierthan you might think
    34. 34. You can have your e-prescribingsystem up and running in a matter of a few days
    35. 35. You dont have to install any additional hardware into your office whenimplementing an e-prescribing system
    36. 36. You can still keep your old paper charts evenafter you start using an e-prescribing system
    37. 37. Many e-prescribing solutions cost less,per day, than your average cup of coffee
    38. 38. The earlier you adopt an e-prescribing system,the greater your return on investment (ROI) could be
    39. 39. “E-prescribing is a powerful and cost-effective tool in thehealthcare systems efforts to improve patient outcomes,and it can significantly streamline a physician’s practicewhile also providing the highest level of patient safety. Writing a prescription electronically takes only secondscompared with traditional written or phoned-in prescriptions.With this time savings, a physician can spend more time withpatients and get back to ‘being a Doctor First.’”G. Cameron DeemerPresident, DrFirst, Inc.
    40. 40. Start E-prescribing Today CLICK HERE For A Free Demonstration!
    41. 41. About DrFirstDrFirst provides physicians and health IT vendors a platform with a cuttingedge range of services:•Rcopia®, our award-winning e-prescribing system that’s the #1 most used anddecorated standalone solution available•Send controlled substance prescriptions electronically through the first everfully compliant solution•Engaging patients at higher risks for non-compliance to medication therapy•HIPAA compliant point-to-point connectivity and interoperability for patientdata.
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