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To use with students, especially those going into an internship.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Cellphones – Texting/Sexting
  2. 2. Poor Usage• 13-year old girl sends 14,000 text messages in one month - $5,000 bill• Nude Pictures• Cyberbullying – mean text messages• Bad Digital Footprint
  3. 3. In Public• Bathroom• Shopping• Miss opportunities to Socialize• Church• Transportation – bus / subway / car pooling• Plane / Airport• #1 emergency room visit• Safety – not aware of surroundings – travel training
  4. 4. At College / School
  5. 5. Workplace Phone Usage (OK) vs (NO WAY)
  6. 6. Sending Photos
  7. 7. Gossip Girl TV Show• Snap phone pix- send to everyone on their phone list• Send text to entire student body• Clip fights, cheating, locker rooms
  8. 8. Relationships and Texting• ROFL Rolling on floor laughing• CAM Camera• CB Chat break• C&G Chuckle & grin• RYS Are you single?• RUOK Are you okay?• RUMOF Are you male or female?• SH^ Shut up• SRSLY Seriously
  9. 9. Driving and Cells• Some states can’t use handheld cell while driving- CT, NY• Alert?• Texting n driving – illegal in some states• Man jail – texting and drove into river with kids• Boston last year T- conductor for green line was distracted by texting and caused HUGE accident when colliding with another subway train –• police check texting records
  10. 10. Questions:• How can you block someone who you don’t want texting you?• Why should you know your cellphone plan?• Why shouldn’t I send naked or inappropriate pictures of myself (any pic I wouldn’t want my folks or boss to see)?