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ENG 131: Technical Writing Introduction PowerPoint

Definition of Technical Writing and the Differences Between Academic Writing and Technical Writing

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ENG 131: Technical Writing Introduction PowerPoint

  1. 1. .Click on dot to begin presentationTechnical Writers Work in
  2. 2. Technical Writing I ENG 131 Introduction (Dr. Elizabeth Lohman)
  3. 3. Definition of Technical WritingTechnical Writing conveys easy access to information: • Accessing specific information. Clearly identify headings. Clearly identify sub markers. • Accessing clear information. Not have time to interpret meaning. Needs immediately to grasp meaning.
  4. 4. • Words, Phrases, and Sentence Structure Straightforward Uncomplicated• We need to ascertain the amount of funding for next year’s budget,” We need to determine the amount of funding needed. Find out how much funding was allotted. “We need to determine how much money we will need next year.” We need to find out how much money we have in next year’s budget.”
  5. 5. • Using language specific to a particular trade or profession is acceptable and necessary. if The message is intended for the members of that particular group. if The message is intended for individuals outside of the group, plain language.
  6. 6. Case in PointA customer using an industrial solution, XYZ, to keep the drains in his home clean,wrote to the company who sold the solution to let them know how great their productwas.The company wrote back: Thank you for writing. The product XYZ has a high vitriolic base. This sulfuric property is excellent for industrial plumbing. We have several solutions for cleaning residential drains. You may want to consider using some of our other excellent products.The customer promptly replied: I agree, product XYZ is excellent for keeping the drains in my home clean. I think it is clear that XYZ is the only solution I need to keep using.With this, the company sent the customer a short, clear two sentence reply: Do not use product XYZ. Misuse of XYZ will destroy residential plumbing.
  7. 7. Differences Between Academic Writing and Technical WritingIn this section we will discuss the three majorcomponents of written communication: • Purpose, • Format, • Language.
  8. 8. Communication Structure: Shape of CompositionAcademic Writing Technical WritingCommunication Triangle Communication Rectangle Topic Topic Reader Text TextSender Receiver Sender Receiver
  9. 9. Academic Writing Technical WritingCommunication Triangle Communication Rectangle Topic Reader Topic Text Text Sender Receiver Sender ReceiverAcademic Writing has a receiver, Technical Writing will always have a reader. but •the primary reader•may have a reader or  the person who ordered the•may not have a reader. report
  10. 10. PurposeAcademic Writing Technical WritingEntertain InformPersuade Persuadeinform •ResearchNo Definite purpose Definite Purpose• Poem Supervisor: Order a report• Story Employee: Write a reportDefinite purpose •Needed•Article•Book Read for Information•Assignment
  11. 11. FormatAcademic Writing Technical WritingParagraphs Major Headings•Topic Sentences Sub Headers MarkersPictures •Bullets •Underlings •Bold type White Space. Illustrations •Graphs •Tables •Pictures •Drawings
  12. 12. LanguageAcademic Writing Technical WritingWords Words•Elaborate •Active vocabulary•Transitions Plain•Subjective Easily understood•Cogitative •Objective•Multiple meaning •Non-sexist •Avoid pronounsSentence Structure•Complex Sentence Structure•Embellishment •Uncomplicated•Excessive words •Repetition•Synonyms •Active voice•Passive voice
  13. 13. Conclusion• This presentation included an extended definition of Technical Writing, expressing the need for easy access to information, and briefly defined the differences between Academic Writing and Technical Writing, according to purpose, format and language.• Think about the significance of a technical writer communicating in clear straightforward vocabulary and sentence structure to convey information.• Remember; if the intended reader is not able to quickly understand the message or misinterprets the information, the writer failed; the purpose of the message was lost.• Click on screen to end the presentation.
  14. 14. Celebrate
  15. 15. ReferencesThe references for the “The Definition of Technical Writing and the DifferencesBetween Academic Writing and Technical Writing,” PowerPoint Presentation camefrom sources used over the last 14 years of my studying and teaching TechnicalWriting.“The Definition of Technical Writing and the Differences Between Academic Writingand Technical Writing,” PowerPoint Presentation is the sole property of Dr. ElizabethLohman. This PowerPoint presentation cannot be copied or duplicated in any way orpresented in any way without the written consent of Dr. Elizabeth Lohman.Contact Dr. Elizabeth Lohman at Tidewater Community College (757-822-2539).