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What Ungodly Soul Tie May Open the Door to an Addiction Spirit?


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Ungodly soul ties with those who have introduced us to our "drugs of choice" can be an open door for spirits of addiction. Or, other soul ties, including with those who have used control or manipulation over us in the realm of alcohol/drugs, can be an open door also or at least a hinderance to being free from the torment.

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What Ungodly Soul Tie May Open the Door to an Addiction Spirit?

  2. 2. Is an ungodly soul tie at the root of your addiction?
  3. 3. Tried to stop using drugs or alcohol without success?
  4. 4. Who was it that offered you that first drink, joint, or pill?
  5. 5. Ungodly soul ties open doors for demons.
  6. 6. Breaking ungodly soul ties can lead to freedom.
  7. 7. Whom have you had ungodly soul ties with?
  8. 8. Who introduced you to your drug(s) of choice?
  9. 9. Breaking the soul ties with these people can be a key.
  10. 10. Proclamation to break ungodly soul ties.
  11. 11. “Thank you Jesus for dying that I might be set free. I forgive and loose, in the freedom of my forgiveness those with whom I have ungodly soul ties. I now break and sever, every ungodly soul tie with (names). I now use the authority I have in Jesus Christ to command all demon spirits to have no further right in me through these relationships in the name of Jesus.”
  12. 12. This is a first step.
  13. 13. Demons cannot be counseled out of a person.
  14. 14. Accountability groups can be helpful but deliverance from spirits is key.
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