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The Spirit Realm: 12 Things You Need to Know


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When it comes to teachings on demons and spiritual warfare, there is often more smoke than fire.

I don't want to sound mean but many are long on generalities and short on personal, practical tools to apply. From my perspective as a deliverance minister, I find most to be biblically accurate, but the focus is on Satan (which misses the point), and directives are vague or inadequate. If you want to develop as a spiritual warrior, you need practical, the nuts-and-bolts information you can use.

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The Spirit Realm: 12 Things You Need to Know

  2. 2. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Many teachings about spiritual warfare don't offer practical tools and actions for individuals.
  3. 3. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM It is important to understand the spirit realm before learning spiritual warfare.
  5. 5. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Our struggle is against demonic spirits assigned to us. The distinction is important.1
  6. 6. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, but skirmishes still occur.2
  7. 7. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM There are not demons behind every problem, but you cannot counsel demons out of people.3
  8. 8. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM There is more to spiritual warfare than praying and rebuking.4
  9. 9. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM If you cannot wage spiritual warfare well, it will be hard to reach your destiny in Christ.5
  10. 10. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Demon spirits are created beings with minds, wills, and emotions and operate in a hierarchical structure (Matt. 12:45).6
  11. 11. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM We have been given power and authority over demons, and they know it.7
  12. 12. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Knowledge is essential otherwise, fear rules. Demonic movies do not reflect reality.8
  13. 13. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Get your knowledge and training from trusted sources and not random internet searches.9
  14. 14. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM There are three heavens. Demonic activity happens only in the first two.10
  15. 15. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Most interpersonal problems are grounded in spirit world issues. (Ephesians 6:12)11
  16. 16. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Our human mind is the primary battlefield for individuals.12
  17. 17. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Purpose to persevere and gain knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare.
  18. 18. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM You have the victory and you will see good fruit if you grow and mature.
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