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The Fear You Allow Will Continue


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What demons of control are dominating your promised land and keeping you bound in fear?

Controlling spirits seek out those who cower under fear of rejection so they may increase while their victim dissipates.

What you allow will continue!

Published in: Spiritual
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The Fear You Allow Will Continue

  1. 1. What demons of control are dominating your promised land and keeping you bound in fear?
  2. 2. The fear of rejection causes many to cower
  3. 3. "…But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall be that those whom you let remain shall be irritants in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land where you dwell. Moreover, it shall be that I will do to you as I thought to do to them.'" Numbers 33: 55-57 NKJV
  4. 4. Defeat can come through permission extended
  5. 5. Allowing something bad to continue is as bad as the sin
  6. 6. You are a contributor and this makes you a target for harassment
  7. 7. .If you own a garden where weeds have overwhelmed your produce, what is the best option? You pull or kill the intruders. Weed management, if one were foolish enough to pursue this path, involves trimming them back as they creep close to the valued greenery. You cope with the weeds but do not deal with the root, so the problem endures.
  8. 8. The roots of your torment may be buried
  9. 9. Step 1: Realize that collaborating with demons gives them a food source
  10. 10. Allowing bad results through rationalization will lead you to justify them
  11. 11. You keep circling the same mountain
  12. 12. Step 2: The key is your focus.
  13. 13. Look up and trust or stare down in defeat
  14. 14. You have free will to choose
  15. 15. Rahab told Joshua that his enemies hearts were melting in fear
  16. 16. They knew that God was with Joshua and his people
  17. 17. What demons are bullying you?
  18. 18. Seek out deliverance
  19. 19. Trust that God will lead and not overwhelm you
  20. 20. Stop allowing rather occupy your destiny