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Forgiveness From Your Heart: What Does That Mean?


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In Matthew 18:35, Jesus commands us to forgive one another from our heart? What does that mean? This slideshare takes a look at that concept and explains it.

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Forgiveness From Your Heart: What Does That Mean?

  1. 1. Forgiveness from Your What Does That Mean? :
  2. 2. In Matthew 18:35, Jesus insisted we must forgive our brother from our heart. What does that mean?
  3. 3. Matthew 18:22-35 The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
  4. 4. A servant owed the King a great sum he could not pay.
  5. 5. The King had mercy and let the servant go.
  6. 6. That servant would not forgive a fellow servant who owed him little.
  7. 7. The King was angry and turned him over to the tormentors.
  8. 8. v.35: Jesus said we must forgive our brother from our heart.
  9. 9. : .
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  11. 11. Forgiveness is a choice, a decision.
  12. 12. We must choose to forgive or open the door for demonic torment.
  13. 13. If we do not forgive, the Lord will not forgive us of our sins.
  14. 14. What a glorious revelation: forgiveness is a choice and when we do it, it is done. We must also walk in forgiveness.
  15. 15. Forgiveness closes the door for torment and is an important preparation for deliverance in our Counseling Center.
  16. 16. Having trouble getting past your past? Understanding forgiveness might be the key.
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  18. 18.
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