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Demon Management or Freedom: You Choose

  1. Demon Management or Freedom: You Choose
  2. Many Christians settle for a life of managing demons
  3. They ignore a very important part of Christs present day ministry
  4. What is demon management?
  5. Trimming the weeds in a garden controls them for a season
  6. Killing or pulling them solves the problem
  7. Ignorance or fear about the demonic realm is the issue
  8. Sometimes, believers cannot find competent help
  9. There is a better hope than battling, binding and resisting spirits
  10. Deliverance ministry is the driving out of demons
  11. How do people manage their demons?
  12. 1. Medication
  13. Over 78 million Americans are on psychotropic medications (CCHR International, 2014)
  14. 2. Cope
  15. Techniques, classes and support programs treat the symptoms
  16. 3. Rationalize
  17. People blame their environment or upbringing which deadens hope
  18. They accept a lesser evil - for example, drinking beer to excess is better than using hard liquor
  19. Jesus did deliverance, trained the disciples to do it and gave power and authority to the church (Mark 16:17)
  20. He stated it clearly and the ministry of driving out demons is for today
  21. Quit trimming the weeds and seek help to get to the root of the problem
  22. Find help locally or over the internet. There are competent deliverance ministries if you make the effort
  23. Worldwide Christian Counseling and Deliverance Ministry Services