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Christian Counselors Doing Deliverance - More or Fewer?


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"Do you think Christian Counselors are more open to deliverance ministry these days?"

I hear this question periodically. I do not know about numbers, but believe many believers will benefit if they had access to this help more readily.

Many denominations refute the notion that Christians need deliverance, so Counselors trained under their spiritual covering do not entertain the need for it.

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Christian Counselors Doing Deliverance - More or Fewer?

  1. 1. Christian Counselors Doing Deliverance: More or Fewer?
  2. 2. Gods people will benefit is deliverance ministry is more widely available
  3. 3. Many trained Counselors reject the need for it because of their denominational training
  4. 4. Spiritual darkness and acts of evil are increasing around the world
  5. 5. Its getting more difficult to deny the reality of spiritual warfare
  6. 6. Ranting against and rebuking Satan are not the answer
  7. 7. Many counselors spend years with clients and do not see lasting breakthrough
  8. 8. Some counselors know that the devil is at the root but lack proper tools to proceed
  9. 9. I believe there is an increase of openness to deliverance ministry
  10. 10. Many who are open are wary because of the abundant drama and theatrics they have seen
  11. 11. They prefer to send demonized people to trained professionals in deliverance, if they know any
  12. 12. Circus atmosphere deliverance can appear daunting for counselors used to dealing quietly and rationally
  13. 13. There are not demons behind every problem but counseling will not drive them out
  14. 14. There are reasonable, gentle and effective approaches available today
  15. 15. The need is great, the harvest and ready and more deliverance ministers are needed
  16. 16. Christian counselors should do their own research
  17. 17. Lay people with a desire should get trained in a quality deliverace ministry
  18. 18. The Lord will open doors for your gifting and training