dna sequencers gene dna sanger sequencing classification blastula research grant research fund funding agencies research proposal fate map human genome project maxam and gilbert method chain termination method chemical sequencing maxam- gilbert sequencing dna sequencing scnt identical dna dolly molecular cloning cloning virus morphogenesis bacteriophage t4 escherichia virus arabinose tryptophan lactose arb operon trp operon lac operon operon gene regulation expression of gene immunoglobulin ig organization and expression of immunoglobulin gene spacer nonamer heptamer light chains antibody immunoglobulin gene structure gradient theory theory of organizers. regulated theory mosaic theory germplasm theory recapitulation theory theory of pengenesis epigenetic theory theory of preformation chronobiology circadian rhythms copulin vomeronasal organ vaginal aliphatic acids axillary steroids human pheromones sex hormone alarm pheromones pheromones experimental teratology causes of abnormal development abnormal formations therapeutic drugs as teratogens drug testing congenital abnormalities teratology classification of placenta types of placenta placenta of eutherian social darwinism racial hygiene euphenics euthenics eugenics munga eri mulberry bombyx mori sericulture animal india wildlife principles of vaccination vaccine and immunization vaccine type of vaccines computer abc weather greenhouse effect agriculture global warming laccifer lacca lac culture canal system porifera obelia metagenesis coelenterate cinderia bee bee keeping honey apiculture xx and xy sex chromosome sex determination gas transport o2 co2 respiration rhythm ecg parathyroid adrenal pancreas thymus sex hormone thyroid gland pituitary gland endocrinology embryo gastrula amphibia frog slides
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