Building Your Personal Brand


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I was honored to participate in a panel discussion at the Crittenden Conference 2009!

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Building Your Personal Brand

  1. 1. Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference Fall 2009 Building Your Personal Brand Using the Internet & Social Media to Build Your Business
  2. 2. Presentation Team: Moderator: David Repka of Bison Financial Group Panel: Robert Barber, CCIM of Accelerated Real Estate Services Dr. Diana Driscoll, O.D. of Ridgeline Hospitality, LLC Eric Odum of Net Lease Commercial Advisory M. Jeffrey Vinzani, Esq. of Nexsen Pruet, LLC
  3. 3. Is social media a fad? view at
  4. 4. No gold watch: The days of receiving a gold watch after 30 years of service at the same shop are over. Time to create your own personal brand that is separate & distinct from your employer.
  5. 5. Adaption = Survival We live in a fast paced, ever changing world. We need to adapt on the fly in order to survive. Inspiration: Diana tells her story. She is a physician turned real estate investor turned green hotel developer. She is combining social media to build a brand and embed social media in her management infrastructure.
  6. 6. Review of social media options: LinkedIn YouTube Facebook e-newsletter Twitter SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Blog |
  7. 7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Why go through the brain damage of creating your personal brand? Eric Odum explains SEO. Google Top 10 for 60 Keywords. - "On page" and "off page" optimization - Back link checks - Posting on forums - Tools: eZine, prWeb, Digg,, Blog & LinkedIn
  8. 8. Blog Create and update your personal web site content on the fly without needing an "IT Guy". Add photos, YouTube video.
  9. 9. Who do we have to thank for all this connectivity in the new, flat world?
  10. 10. Kevin Bacon... Is it the Six Degrees of Separation or the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?
  11. 11. Kevin Bacon: Center of the Hollywood Universe, aka The Hub of Hollywood Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: A game to find an actor's Bacon number - the number of degrees of separation an actor or actress is from Bacon Brett Tjaden created the Oracle of Bacon, a computer program that uses information on some 800,000 people from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  12. 12. LinkedIn Launches in May 2003 with the goal of connecting businesspeople in 3 links of separation or less... Jeff explains LinkedIn... and is manager of "International Council of Shopping Centers"
  13. 13. Facebook Are you worthy of the "circle of trust": Are you an open networker on LinkedIn, but not on Facebook? Facebook is a higher "circle of trust". You may want to know someone thru LinkedIn or Twitter first. Eric & Robert discuss...
  14. 14. Twitter Dave explains how to fail at Twitter: - don't tell anyone you are using it - always talk about yourself - don't follow anyone or make it hard for people to follow you Basic theme of success: - "Don't sell... Be a resource" - Lisa B. Marshall
  15. 15. The art of the tweet: - be authentic - ask questions / ask your followers what they know - provide answers - share news, media, links & YouTube videos - pithy sayings - give compliments - retweet generously - re-comment others to follow - conduct contest and giveaways - market: blatant or subtle (guide them to your blog) - customer support desk - conflict resolution - promote goodwill - 24-hour assistance - public display of quality service - social proof - Study: Comcast & Home Depot as they are really good
  16. 16. Twitter Tools: - SocialOomph (was - ExecTweets (by Microsoft) TweetLater) (auto follow all those - BubbleTweet (video on your that follow you - schedule Tweets for twitter feed) delivery sometime in the future) - TweetDeck (also updates Resources: Facebook) - Trust Agents by Chris - ShareThis (sharing anything in Brogan & Julien Smith less than 5 seconds) - TwitPwr (url shortening with analytics) - Socialnomics(TM) by Erik - TwitPic (share a picture by Qualman providing a shortened url) - Twitter Power by Joel - (real estate, Comm mortgage, bank)
  17. 17. Be the master of rapport... Robert thinks like a private investigator to get an information edge on his prospects using | which creates a dashboard to search: - Google - Newsfeeds & Newspaper articles - Blog posts - LinkedIn - Facebook - Twitter
  18. 18. Real life examples: David - my goal is to network with real estate deal junkies (and their consultants) that have $10+ million in liquid assets: - Have received multiple all cash offers on distressed real estate from a principal that manages a $500 mm private equity fund... met him thru a lawyer on LinkedIn - Have a 3 hotel sale transactions working with a principal that I met on Twitter which got him to visit my blog, built a level of trust & start talking on phone - Creating a strategic alliance with a company than manages 12 flagged hotels that I "knew" but got to really know better thru our mutual Twitter posts and follow up face to face meetings - Met a principal with a $500 mm portfolio from a RE Broker that gets my e- Newsletter and I am connected with on LinkedIn
  19. 19. Real life examples: Robert Barber, CCIM of Accelerated Real Estate Services - Facebook followers lead to transactions Dr. Diana Driscoll, O.D. of Ridgeline Hospitality, LLC - Highly screened Twitter followers Eric Odum of Net Lease Commercial Advisory - CVS deal from Facebook - 168 leads from Jan thru Oct with SEO positioning M. Jeffrey Vinzani, Esq. of Nexsen Pruet, LLC - Twitter posts go to Facebook - "why read the news? I've got Jeff to send me the news."
  20. 20. Know me, like me, trust me, pay me... Wrap Up: Many people over the age of 40 discount the validity of social media. A generation earlier their intellectual brothers discounted the telephone, the fax and e-mail as ways to communicate. Many folks that dip a toe in social media expect instant results. It is a process. We can't skip the first three steps and immediately ask for the rewards of step four before laying the groundwork.
  21. 21. Pre-Social Media Branding Strategy: The Diving Board:
  22. 22. Social Media Branding Strategy: The Parthenon:
  23. 23. Presentation Team: Robert Barber, CCIM - Managing Partner & Auctioneer Accelerated Real Estate Services 5514 Park Blvd. - Pinellas Park, FL - 33781 Phone: 727-544-1403 Email: Web Address: LinkedIn: Dr. Diana Driscoll, O.D. - CEO, LEED AP Ridgeline Hospitality, LLC 1834 Keller Parkway #400 - Keller, TX - 76248 Phone: 817.723.6281 Skype: diana.driscoll1 Twitter: @DianaDriscoll Email: Web Address: LinkedIn: Eric Odum - President Net Lease Commercial Advisory 518 N Tampa Street, Suite 220-A - Tampa, FL - 33602 Phone: 813-514-1070 Email: Web Address: LinkedIn:
  24. 24. Presentation Team: M. Jeffrey Vinzani, Esq. - Partner Nexsen Pruet, LLC 205 King Street, Suite 400 - Charleston, SC - 29401 Phone: 843-720-1778 Email: Web Address: LinkedIn Profile: Follow me on Twitter @vinzani Moderator: David D. Repka - Principal Bison Financial Group, LLC 449 Central Avenue, Suite 204 - Saint Petersburg, FL - 33701 Phone: 727-537-0330 E-mail: Web: LinkedIn Profile: Newsletter Archive: My blog: Follow me on Twitter @davidrepka Skype: daverepka UNYK : CPC 193
  25. 25. Want a copy of this Presentation? Send an e-mail to: