Two rivers public charter school 4 2012 final


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Springboard Education in America presentation to parents highlighting the innovative extended day program being provided at Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington, DC. Delivered in 2012.

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  • Our research shows that successful students have academic support, social development, and physical fitness activities.
  • Two rivers public charter school 4 2012 final

    1. 1. Two Rivers Public Charter School & Springboard Education in America Partnership Program
    2. 2. What Is Springboard? Springboard is a crucial new after school program designed by Springboard’s visionary doctoral level educators. Springboard has been designed to take advantage of after school time so that our children can receive the help that they need and deserve. Springboard’s certified teachers insure that children learn and that they are having fun in Springboard’s balanced and safe extended day program.
    3. 3. Who Is Springboard FounderOversight Board Springboard’s PhD Educators A Low Cost, Balanced, ChildCentered Program Springboard Teachers Your children Your school You, the Parents
    4. 4. Mission Driven….But Balanced
    5. 5. The Challenge Our Children Face • 25-30 kids in a class • 3-4 classes per day • A curriculum to get through each day/semester
    6. 6. A Performance Bell Curve Forms in each Class Not Proficient Proficient
    7. 7. What is the system to insure kids understand what they are taught in class each day? Schools and the State test them.  This just confirms what they do not know Parents say “ Go do your homework”  If they do not understand the class work, how can they do homework? Home Support  Do both parents have the time and energy to assist? Do both parents work? Single parents? Language issues?  Do parents understand the work and/or can they teach it the same way that it is being taught in class?  Stress between parent and child 
    8. 8. Springboard… is the Check & Balance
    9. 9. Springboard’s Check & Balance Low student to teacher ratios Well-trained, certified teachers We examine your child’s work We tutor and teach them Springboards ‘3 sided approach’ Communication is Essential Research based Approach Our programs are at your school No transportation Safety
    10. 10. Springboard’s Team Springboard’s teachers work with the School’s teachers Parents communicate with Springboard’s teachers using PARENT CONNECT Online More Academic help More ‘Enrichment’…Sports… Springboard’s teachers have a complete understanding of the needs of your child
    11. 11. Parent Participation & Communication  Parents provide input through the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).  Parents can communicate with Springboard staff via our Parent Connect Software.  Our licensed and highly credentialed staff serve as a liaison between school day staff and parents.  Our electives are project based and students engage in performances and presentations that parents are encouraged to attend.  Parents are surveyed numerous times throughout the year to garner valuable feedback.  Parents can use our Parent Hotline to get all of their questions answered and as another means for providing feedback.
    12. 12. Springboard’s ‘Parent Connect”
    13. 13. Springboard Communicates  We communicate with parents.  Newsletters  Flyers  Constant Contact  Each & Every Day  We communicate with Teachers  Staff Meetings  Emails  Informal Meetings  IEP Meetings  Reports to the Principal  Parent survey results  Academic progress  Enrollment  Professional meetings
    14. 14. Springboard Essentials  ECE Certified (pre-schoolers)  Professional Development  Electives Inclusive  Discounts Siblings, military, school staff  Free & Reduced rates  Scholarships  Parent Connect On line schedule/paying Anywhere, anytime any device Crucial parent/teacher communication No Penalties, no obligation
    15. 15. Does Springboard really make a difference?
    16. 16. Springboard's Balanced Program
    17. 17. Typical Springboard Day 3:00 – 3:15:Students arrive/Den 3:15 – 4:15: Electives 3:15 - 3:45:SPARK 1 (physical activity) 3:45 - 4:05:Social Skills/Circle 3:45 – 6:00 ACADEMICS (more or less as needed or requested) Activity 4:05 - 4:20:Snack 4:20 - 5:30:Academics 5:30- 5:50:Teacher Directed Reading 5:50 - 6:30: Den & Dismissal
    18. 18. Springboard Daily Components
    19. 19. Academics Springboard’s Core Mission
    20. 20. SPARK
    21. 21. Directed Reading
    22. 22. Circle Activity
    23. 23. Electives
    24. 24. Springboard Electives  We partner with some of the best community based organizations to provide cutting edge programs.  Register and enroll for all electives using our Parent Connect Software.  One provider insures that there is less confusion in tracking your child’s attendance and whereabouts and insures that your child is safe.  Electives are project based which enhances learning and fun while also building a sense of accomplishment for your child.  Many electives are included (free of charge) as part of the regular Springboard after school program for children that are enrolled.
    25. 25. Parent Connect
    26. 26. Springboard After School Contact Information: Dr. Brett Prilik  303-523-1543  Dr. Anay Abraham  202-758-5431  Springboard Offices and Support  800.341.3177 