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The Single Most Valuable Legacy We Can Pass On — TEDxACU 2017


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Here's a look at our talk at TEDxACU 2017. We highlight the invisible epidemic of autoimmune disease and the various steps we can take to help the next generation fo autoimmune patients.

For the full talk see:

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The Single Most Valuable Legacy We Can Pass On — TEDxACU 2017

  1. 1. light bulb catching on fire
  2. 2. Like The Little Engine that Could, to my wonderful team! You have helped me on this uphill journey and never let me forget that I think I can, we can, and we will. Linkedin: tiffanymsimmsLinkedin: ellen-m-martin Linkedin: cokoivy
  3. 3. DrBonnie360’s mission is to create a digitally connected world of personalized care for autoimmune patients. At Your Autoimmunity Connection, we consult with startup companies and entrepreneurs who are bringing new products and services that will improve all aspects of autoimmune care. +1.310.666.5312 @DrBonnie360 www.facebook/YourAutoimmunityConnection