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The Oral Microbiome and its Connection to Systemic Health


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With the mouth being the first meeting place between the outside environment and our immune systems, an in-depth understanding of the oral microbiome is key to our health and well-being. DrBonnie360 sheds light on the latest oral microbiome research, and highlights novel oral care products to help balance the oral microbiome. As DrBonnie360 says, better oral health is better overall health.

Topics Include:
The Ecological Plaque Hypothesis of Decay and Periodontal Disease
Oral Health and its Connection to Cardiovascular, Alzheimers, and other Autoimmune Diseases
What Can We Do: Food and Lifestyle Modification
What’s New in Oral Well-being?
Oral Care Tools

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The Oral Microbiome and its Connection to Systemic Health

  2. 2. Imbalance of the oral microbiome can lead to development of oral diseases such as periodontal disease. DISEASE STEP 1 When vascular oral mucosal barriers are disturbed, oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream. DISRUPTION STEP 2 PENETRATION STEP 3 Oral bacteria in the brain can trigger inflammatory responses, resulting in buildup of amyloid plaques. BUILD-UP STEP 4 Oral pathogens in the bloodstream can penetrate the blood-brain barrier during inflammation or in times of stress. CAN ORAL DISEASES CAUSE ALZHEIMER’S? Recent research has suggested that oral pathogen P.gingivalis, a key contributor to gum disease, may play a role in Alzheimer’s Disease development. Adapted from Science Advances
  3. 3. If oral pathogens in the bloodstream are able to cause inflammation and plaque build-up in the brain, then it is possible for misplaced oral bacteria to trigger inflammation in areas of the body that are further removed from the mouth, inducing inflammatory diseases such as chronic or autoimmune diseases. OUR HYPOTHESIS @DrBonnie360
  5. 5. There are 700 different species of bacteria that live in different microbial sub-habitats: teeth, tongue, gums, saliva, ear nose and throat. INTRODUCING THE ORAL MICROBIOME Adapted from Operative Dentistry
  6. 6. TYPES OF BACTERIA PATHOGENIC Disease-causing bacteria Most bacteria that simply live within and on us Health-promoting bacteria COMMENSALSYMBIOTIC Adapted from Journal of Clinical Microbiology
  7. 7. The oral microbiome is influenced by numerous factors that alter the composition of the microbes that inhabit the mouth. Adapted from Journal of Dental Research
  8. 8. BALANCE IMBALANCE A BALANCING ACT A balanced oral microbiome is characterized by a healthy diet, plaque control, and good oral hygiene. Imbalance of the oral microbiome is influenced by a poor diet, inadequate plaque control, lifestyle risk factors, and bad oral hygiene. Adapted from Journal of Dental Research
  9. 9. A BALANCING ACT The transition in biofilm from: BALANCE IMBALANCE Adapted from Journal of Fungi
  10. 10. Can lead to oral diseases in varying biogeographies of the mouth. IMBALANCE Adapted from Protein and Cell
  11. 11. Dental caries occur when acid from bacteria demineralize the enamel Adapted from Frontiers in Microbiology
  12. 12. THE ECOLOGICAL PLAQUE HYPOTHESIS - CARIES ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE STRESS Increased acid production Increased low pH challenges Favoring mutans streps, lactobacilli, and others Increased risk of dental caries ECOLOGICAL SHIFT DISEASE
  13. 13. Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria infiltrate the gum crevices Adapted from Frontiers in Microbiology
  14. 14. THE ECOLOGICAL PLAQUE HYPOTHESIS - PERIODONTAL DISEASE HOST RESPONSE STRESS Increased acid production Increased inflammation High gingival crevicular flow and bleeding Gram-negative bacteria; anaerobic; proteolytic ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE Increased risk of gingivitis/ periodontal disease DISEASEECOLOGICAL SHIFT
  15. 15. A BALANCING ACT An estimated 47.2% of American adults have mild to severe gum disease
  16. 16. The mouth is the first meeting place between the outside environment and our immune systems. @DrBonnie360
  17. 17. Oral vascularization allows bad bacteria to travel to other parts of the body. Adapted from Protein and Cell
  18. 18. Exercise activates immune system and reduces inflammatory cytokines Proper diet and choice of foods can help maintain the balance of the oral microbiome FOOD Night eating leads to increased dental plaque and gingival inflammation Research shows that timing of eating and exercise may help to reduce oral inflammation LIFESTYLE Water normalizes the pH of your mouth High pH foods (>7) help to offset acidic foods WHAT CAN WE DO? Drink more water & eat alkaline foods Eat during the day & increase exercise Adapted from Operative Dentistry
  20. 20. BACTERIOPHAGE INVOLVEMENT IN BIOFILMS Adapted from Virus Research
  21. 21. USING PHAGE THERAPY TO MANAGE BIOFILMS Adapted from Journal of Oral Microbiology
  22. 22. INTERSPECIES INTERACTIONS OF PERIODONTO-PATHOGENS Adapted from Journal of Biotechnology
  23. 23. POTENTIAL TARGETS FOR PHAGE THERAPEUTICS Adapted from Journal of Biotechnology
  24. 24. WHAT’S NEW IN ORAL CARE? @DrBonnie360
  25. 25. SPECTRUM OF PRODUCTS consumer-based science-based
  26. 26. Oral care is now easier and cooler than ever with subscription-based toothbrush plans and a NASA space compound toothpaste formula ORAL CARE TOOLS
  27. 27. Sometimes just brushing and flossing isn’t enough to prevent oral disease. New nano-particle technology mouthwashes and rinses ofer innovative solutions. RINSES & MOUTHWASHES
  28. 28. The newest products in oral care: probiotics and prebiotics to help balance the oral microbiome and support the growth of ‘good’ bacteria. SUPPLEMENTS
  29. 29. As Your Autoimmunity Connection, we consult with startup companies and entrepreneurs who are bringing new products and services that will improve research, diagnosis, and treatment for autoimmunity. With new research connecting the oral microbiome to various chronic and inflammatory diseases, DrBonnie360 seeks to spread the message that better oral health = better overall health. @DrBonnie360
  30. 30. 310-666-5312 @DrBonnie360