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Saving Our Children: How to Reverse the Autoimmune Disease Epidemic


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DrBonnie360 returns to Stanford Medicine X 2016 on the Main Stage. As a champion for all autoimmune patients, DrBonnie's new goal is collaborate and work together to save our children from the growing epidemic of autoimmunity. Approximately 27% of children under 19 - and rising - have at least 1 chronic condition, and by 2023 $4.2 Trillion lost economic output will be spent on chronic disease. Will you join to help save the future?

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Saving Our Children: How to Reverse the Autoimmune Disease Epidemic

  1. 1. How to Reverse the Autoimmune Disease Epidemic S a v i n g O u r C h i l d r e n Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA – Your Autoimmunity Connection | | @DrBonnie360
  2. 2. 100+ autoimmune diseasesTop 10 cause of death in women under 64yrs 16% US Population has an Autoimmune Disease More than Cancer + Heart Disease Incidence of IBD in Children under 10 years old DOUBLED 27% of children under 19 years old have at least one chronic condition By 2023 230 Million Americans with Chronic Diseases An Untapped Growing Market @DrBonnie360
  3. 3. $4.2 Trillion of US healthcare dollars ($1T) is spent in treatment of chronic disease A l r e a d y , B y 2 0 2 3 , Skyrocketing Costs 80% in treatment plus economic output will be spent on the ~230 Million Americans with chronic disease @DrBonnie360
  4. 4. Convergence Personalized M e d i c i n e Microbiomics G e n o m i c s A n a l y t i c s A l g o r i t h m s Other Omics S e l f - H e l p Movement B I G D A T A B I G S C I E N C E T E C H N O L O G Y INFRASTRUCTURE eCommerce F i n a n c e P r o t e o m i c s S y s t e m s B i o l o g y A P I e c o n o m y Ubiquitous Mobile @DrBonnie360
  5. 5. Amplifying Their Voices “7 YEARS and more than 13 DOCTORS” 2 0 1 5 M e d X A u t o i m m u n e S u r v e y “Once a patient is labeled … it’s hard to unwind and change course” “They diagnosed depression, chronic sinusitis, back problems, possible tumors, lazy, etc.” @DrBonnie360
  6. 6. Amplifying Their Voices Diagnosis Purgatory 2 0 1 5 M e d X A u t o i m m u n e W o r k s h o p Care Coordination Root Causes not Pursued or UnderstoodJoint Multidisciplinary Diagnostic/Treatment Teams Empower a Care Quarterback for the Team Move Towards a Systems Approach @DrBonnie360
  7. 7. Evolving Connections 2014 2015 @DrBonnie360
  8. 8. ? @DrBonnie360
  10. 10. Resources • An Invisible Epidemic – an economic and statistical look at why autoimmunity remains underserved • Battling an Invisible Epidemic – the journey to amplifying the Lonely Voices • How Do You See Chronic Invisible Suffering – building the model to improve the lives of a disease population greater than cancer and heart disease combined • Why is Autoimmune Disease Underserved? • #WhatIf We Could Think Differently for Autoimmunity – Highlights from the Stanford Medicine X 2015 Workshop • In-depth summary of problem and solutions discussed @DrBonnie360
  11. 11. Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA DrBonnie360 is helping companies and entrepreneurs counteract the autoimmune epidemic. Through consulting, market research, writing and speaking, she works with teams using data and digital tools to reshape research, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of autoimmune disease. +1.310.666.5312 @DrBonnie360 Content and Visual Design – Tiffany Simms