5 Reasons Why My Lead System PRO (MLSP) is Perfect for Part Time Network Marketers


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Dr. Bob Clarke explains the 5 top reasons why My Lead System PRO (MLSP) is the perfect online attraction marketing system for Part Time Network Marketers.

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  • 5 Reasons Why My Lead System PRO (MLSP) is Perfect for Part Time Network Marketers

    1. 1. 5 Reasons Why MLSP is Perfectfor Part Time Network Marketers by Bob Clarke http://PartTimeMLMSolutions.com
    2. 2. What is a Part TimeNetwork Marketer?Any person who is building their home basedbusiness “on the side”, for a variety ofreasons: Working a Full- or Part-time Job Busy Mom or Dad caring for the kids Devoted Son or Daughter caring for their elderly parents
    3. 3. For me...and hundreds of otherPart Time Marketers, the answer is MLSP.
    4. 4. What is MLSP?MLSP = My Lead System PROIt is the leading, cutting edge educationalplatform and attraction marketing system forNetwork Marketers and business owners.
    5. 5. MLSP: It’s MissionAccording to the creators of MLSP, it’smission is “to provide network marketers andbusiness owners all the necessary tools,resources, websites, and ongoing trainingrequired to build a wildly successful andprofitable home based business.”
    6. 6. Why MLSP?GENERIC - any company or program can bepromotedCUSTOMIZABLE WEBSITES for leadgeneration and branding - ready to useCASH - built in affiliate products to generatecash for your marketing and moreTRAINING - top marketers andentrepreneurs in the world train its membersCOMMUNITY - you’re never alone; help isavailable 24/7
    7. 7. So Why is MLSP Perfect for Network Marketers Building Their Business Part Time?
    8. 8. Reason #1 Leverage Your TimeTIME is the most limited resource for PartTime NetworkersMLSP is like One-Stop Shopping: Training,Lead Generation, Community...the only place Ineed as a Network Marketer.No more wasting time searching all over theWeb for different resources.MLSP = the Ultimate in Time Leverage.
    9. 9. Reason 2:Leverage Your LeadsApproximately 5-10% of the leads yougenerate for your Primary MLM Business willNEVER join you.MLSP allows you to monetize the other90-95%, providing them with an alternativeto joining our Primary Business and YOUwith a potentially lucrative additional sourceof income.
    10. 10. Reason 3:Leverage Other People’sKnowledge and Expertise The MLSP training is cutting edge and top- notch in every conceivable area of marketing, entrepreneurialism, mindset, and leadership. MLSP members are learning from the best of the best, and what’s working right now. Members can leverage this training by inviting prospects to the MLSP training webinars, generating leads in the process.
    11. 11. Reason #4: Leverage Your TeamYour MLSP Team will have access to thesame system you do ..... easy duplication!You won’t need to spend time helping yournew team members get started... they justfollow the same system you did!With the MLSP commission structure, youget paid when your team gets results. Withjust 3 sales, your MLSP membership is paidfor each month.
    12. 12. Reason #5:Leverage Your MoneyMLSP could legitimately charge hundreds ofdollars each month to it’s membersThe cost of MLSP is affordable to anyoneFor a limited time, you can get a 14-day trialfor $9.97, with full access to the MLSPsystem.Sign up at http://PartTimeMLMSolutions.com
    13. 13. Join Our MLSP FamilyWith our MLSP group, you are never alone.With your 14-day trial, you are also givenaccess to our MLSP Facebook Mastermindand Support Group.With this international group of talentedMarketers, you get the help you need 24/7.You also get access to 2 of the Top IncomeEarners in MLSP.
    14. 14. Meet Dr. Bob ClarkeFull Time HealthcareProfessional, PartTime MLM Marketer3+ yrs experience inMLM.Voted #7 in Top MLMBlogs in 2011.Recognized leader inthe MLM community
    15. 15. Want More Information? Sign up for your 14 day trial of MLSP at: http://PartTimeMLMSolutions.comVisit our Award Winning Blog, Simple Solutions for Part Time Entrepreneurs at: http://BobandRosemary.com