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Sustainable Credit Solutions

Climate risk integration for credit risk models

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Sustainable Credit Solutions

  1. 1. Sustainable Credit Solutions Towards climate adjusted Key Risk Indicators
  2. 2. Climate Risk is real & a blind spot for FIs Financial Institutions aren’t resilient to Climate and Environmentally-Related Risks (CER) ► Banks can’t identify, assess and manage climate risks today ► Climate risks are not yet discussed at strategic level ► Banks have scarce resources ► Data (Physical and Transition Risk) is not readily available ► Climate Specialist are not available for each of the ~6.000 banks in Europe ► Banks lack the time and resources to build the necessary internal capacity ► There is a significant market need for external climate risk assessment ► We want to set a new digital standard
  3. 3. Expected Product Development Phases I - Top Down Climate Risk Score (quality data powered, physical risk based) Banks: REGULATORY COMPLIANCE II - Include Transition Risk III - Scenario Analysis, Stress Tests for I and II IV - Model refinements, updates to changing requirements
  4. 4. Good reasons to work with us ► Practitioner‘s approach – plug-and-play for banks ► Experienced, well connected team ► Exclusive focus on CER (Climate and environmentally related Risks) ► Access to high-quality data ► Agile and timely innovation cycle ► Competitive pricing (make vs. buy) ► Academically backed model
  5. 5. Contact ► Mr. Borislav Kostadinov ► Dr. Björn Holste ► Dr. Willem Schramade