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Dr Agravat Dental Implants India


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Dr Agravat Dental Implant Clinic.
India's Leading Dental Implant Center:
Selecting the best same Day Implants Dentist is an important action. Quality of Dental Implant should be considered over the Cost of Dental Implants. With nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Bharat Agravat is a leading provider of Dental Implant Surgery, Same Day Dental Implants, and Teeth in a One Day since’ 1999. Dr. Bharat Agravat has committed his career to integrating the latest, most innovative of these advances into his practice, setting a new standard in dental patient care. Dr Agravat goal has always been to provide the most forward-thinking painless dentistry, luxurious restorative and Implant dentistry in Ahmedabad, Bombay, and Rajkot, India. Dr Bharat Agravat continues to innovate when it comes to dental implants. Using medical grade titanium, a technique perfected at the Smile Designs clinic, the Dr Agravat team can rebuild your smile efficiently and with no trouble.

Dr Bharat Agravat: is 15 years Experienced and Award Winning Cosmetic Implant Dentist in India. He is a pioneer in the field of Cosmetic & Implant surgery, having placed many of implants & Smile Makeover since 1999. Dr Bharat Agravat is proud of his work and with so many satisfied clients and their stunning smiles; it is not difficult to see why he is so highly regarded in the world of Indian dentistry. From dental implants to dental restorations, veneers to full mouth rehabilation, Smile Makeover is avenue ahead of the contest. Leading edge techniques have helped Dr Bharat Agravat create an efficient and time saving process for each of his dental implant procedures. Add to this the peaceful relaxation environment and experienced staff and you will appreciate why people consider us the premier dental implant destination.
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Welcome to painless dentistry & the latest treatment with International standard best dental clinic in Ahmedabad India. Top dental implant, teeth replace by crown & bridge, best fix denture, single visit root canal, wisdom teeth remove, teeth whitening, braces, Warranty on dental treatment and membership offer Call +91-9825763666 or

Address: Mohini Complex FF, B/S Pride Hotel, Near Judges cross road, S.G.highway, Bodakdev, Sola, Gujarat Science City. Memnagar, Satellite, Prahlad Nagar, Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380054 ‎, Gujarat, India.
Mob; +91982576366

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Dr Agravat Dental Implants India

  1. 1. Mob: +919825763666.
  2. 2. India's Leading Dental Implant Center Address: Mohini Complex First Floor, B/S Pride Hotel, Near Judges Bunglow road, Bodakdev, S.G.highway. Ahmedabad - 380054.Gujarat, India.
  3. 3.  Teeth in a Day  New Beautiful Smile Now  Loose Denture Solution by Dr Bharat Agravat 15 years Experienced & Award winning Best Cosmetic Implant Dentist in India.
  4. 4. Index Introduction of Implants 1 What are Dental Implants? 2 Why dental implants? 3 What are the benefits of Dental Implants? 4 Replacement of teeth by Dental Implants Look, Feel & Work like Natural Teeth 5 Tooth Loss leads to Bone Loss. 6 Teeth Replacement Options. Single Missing Teeth. Several Missing Teeth. All Missing Teeth 7 Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful? 8 Dental Implant FAQ 9 We are Proud to Announce 10 Awards & Accreditation 11 Dr Agravat Dental Implant Tourism Mobile phone Apps Download Free at Google Play Store 12 Globally Contact 13 Dr. Agravat Dental Patients Reviews on 14
  5. 5. “Dental Implant is an ideal solution for replacement of missing teeth. Get your Loose Denture fixed with Implants in Single day.” Dental implant is combination of three parts: 1) Titanium metal base dental implant put in place of the tooth root that joins with the jawbone. 2) Abutment connected to the titanium dental implant which extends from the gum border. 3) Crown/Cap appears like a natural tooth which is placed onto the abutment. Dental Implants feeling & work similar natural teeth due to they are unite with the Jaw bone. Dental implant is never removed & do not require adjacent teeth support & Gridding.
  6. 6.  Looking younger and feel attractive.  Improve quality of life and Talk, Laugh, Kiss and maintain your natural beautiful smile.  Allow you to eat what you want.  Experience a tight and lifelong solution.  Save healthy teeth, preserve natural Jaw Bone & Facial structure.  No need to grinding healthy adjacent teeth from the required in conventional dental bridge.  Secure fixing of the prosthesis eliminate the discomfort associated with ill-fitting loose dentures
  7. 7.  No grinding of natural adjacent teeth for support.  Restores naturally chewing ability and thus improves diet so that you Eat, Speak, Feel and look better.  Immediate Implant after removal of teeth.  Loose denture fix firmly with implant.
  8. 8. Single Missing Tooth Several Missing Teeth All Missing Tooth (Edentulous Jaw)
  9. 9. Single Missing Tooth Removable Partial Denture Tooth Supported Dental Bridge Dental Implant Supported Crown Tooth Supported Dental Bridge Dental Implant Supported Bridge Several Missing Teeth Removable Partial Denture All Missing Teeth Removable Lower Full Denture Ball Socket Over Denture DI Supported Hybrid Bridge
  10. 10.  Absolutely painless surgery. The level of discomfort associated with dental implants is affected by the number of implants being used as well as the health of the bone, gum surrounding implant and Systemic condition of the patient.  Your dental implant surgery will be operating under local anesthesia. During the surgery you can listen music which u want & see movie which you like. You will have a mild irritation for few days’ next day return to your routine work.  After Implant surgery Implantologist Dr Bharat Agravat prescribe medication for few days. With the conservative dental implant procedure recovery time is minimized and patients report only minor irritation. Patient can take Ice cream and can eat after 2 hours.
  11. 11.  Can my body reject a dental implant? Rejection of dental implant is rare, It happens because of an allergy to titanium or any unfavorable Systemic disease.  Why dental implants expensive? It is cost effective. Expense is always relative. Dental implants may be expensive than fixed traditional bridgework, but since they last so much longer, over time they are much more costeffective.  Dental Implant surgery Painful? No it’s a painless procedure which is performed under local anesthesia in dentist dental clinic, in just the same way as a Single sitting root canal treatment. Once the anesthesia takes effect, you shouldn’t feel anything.  How Do I Care dental implant? It requires same care as natural real teeth. Maintain oral hygiene including brushing, flossing, and regular dental health check-ups.  Can I eat after implant surgery? After 2 hour you can eat soft food which will not tear surgical site. Eat soft nutritious food, Milkshake, Ice-cream and keep well hydrated. Dentist will give instructions on how to care for your new implants during healing.  How Successful Are Dental Implants? Dental implant success rate up to 99 percentages by maintenance of proper oral care implants can last a lifetime.
  12. 12. “Dr. Bharat Agravat was named as Gujarat’s one of the “10 Best Doctors in Ahmedabad” –By Ratemds Experienced Implant Dentist in India. Dr Agravat is proud to receive: 5***** rating based on recommendations from our customers on value and quality for our services in India.
  13. 13.  Gujarat state Governor His Excellency Krishnapal Singh.  Gujarat state Home Minister Shri Amit Shah in year 2007.  Gujarat state Educational Chairman Shri Suresh Patel in year 2007.  Government Dental Collage & Hospital Dean Dr. K H Shah, Ahmedabad.  APMC Vice Chairman Shri Hitesh Barot in year 2007.  “YOU ARE THE PILLARS OF PERFECTION” Committed to Dental Excellence given by the President Dr. S.G. Damle Indian Dental Association.  Accelerated Dental Learning Centre (U.S.A.) in year 2006.  Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry in year 2003.
  14. 14. Gives Guidance on  T.V. Talk Show “Doctor Tamara Ghare” on ZEE TV. Live Programme.  T.V. talk Show “OPD Jadu Ki Jappi” on TV 9 Live Programme.  “All India Radio” on their talk on science and Technology in Dentistry. Article Published in News Paper & Magazine…  Abhiyaan “Dr Bharat Agravat creates Perfect Smile” in year 2012.      Divya Bhaskar “Net Chatting Banyu Pain Killer” in year 2010. Divya Bhaskar “Smile Makeover to create beautiful smile” in year 2009. Divya Bhaskar “City Traffic Problem Debate” in year 2009. Sandesh “Tooth Jewellery-studding of Diamond on tooth” in year 2007. The Times of India Panel Doctor in “Guide to Good Health”
  15. 15. Member:  American Dental Association. (U.S.A) Since 2005.  FDI World Dental Federation, Since 2000.  Indian Dental Association (IDA) Since 1995.  Dental Practitioners' Society, Ahmedabad. Since 2000.  Ahmedabad Management Association. (A.M.A)  “Rogi Kalyan Samiti” of Government Dental College Hospital. Civil Hospital .  MTV Medical Association since 2000.  Rajpath Club Ltd. since 2003.  Executive Committee member of Gujarat State Indian Dental Association  Honorary Secretary Alumni Association Government Dental Collage Hospital. Credential Certifications :  Preventive & Community Dentistry Department G.D.C.H. Ahmedabad.  Effective Team Building – Ahmedabad Management Association  Paragliding Course- Kaushik Aero Sports.  Nature Camp, At Jesor, Youth Hostel Association Gandhinagar.
  16. 16. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited. O.N.G.C.  The New India Assurance Company Ltd., INDIA  The Apollo Clinic, Ahmedabad  Sanjivani Super Specialty Hospital, Ahmedabad  Visamo Kid Foundation, Ahmedabad  Shri Krishna Hospital, Ahmedabad.
  17. 17. Dental Implants tour package by Dr Agravat Dental Implant is one of the first of its kind DI Hub of Gujarat located in the city of Ahmedabad. Dr Agravat offers world class Dental facilities with best qualified and immensely experienced dentist, with the best dental and other infrastructure. Ahmedabad is equipped with an international airport for easy connectivity to any part of the world. For more details please Visit: Patients rated 100% Average satisfaction five star treatment services given by Dr Agravat review on What from UK, If you want to know more visit:  extraction/agravat-dental- tourism-medical-tourism 
  18. 18. “Highest Best Rated Doctor in Gujarat, India” Dr. Agravat has an excellent overall rating based on the ‘helpfulness’ and ‘knowledge’ ratings. Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on reviews. on from USA, Google+ Reviews for Dr. Agravat best dentist dental clinic. Rated Score: 30 / 30 , 13 Reviews from everyone. If you want to know more visit: 1) 2)
  19. 19. Dr Agravat Dental Implants …. India Contact …. Bombay Ahmedabad -Head office Dental Implant Tourism Mohini Complex FF, Near A Wing, Raheja Complex. Pride Hotel, Judges Road. Nr. Times Of India Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – Malad (East) Gujarat, 380054. Phone: +91-9825763666. Mumbai – 400097 Phone: +919825763666 Rajkot Opposite Amrapali Cinema Road, Dhruv Nagar Main Road, Raiya Road Rajkot,360007. Gujarat, Phone: +91-9825763666 Chorwad Clinic..... Dr.J.D.Agravat Limda Chock, Chorvad, Gujarat, India- 362250 Keshod Clinic ….. Dr. A. D. Agravat Mangrol Road, Keshod, Gujarat, India- 362250 Junagadh Clinic Dr. R. D. Agravat janjira road junagadh , Gujarat, India. 362001 Phone: +91-9825763666 Phone: +91-9825763666 Phone: +91-9825763666 …. International Contact …. Brisbane Australia. Er. Jitendra Agravat London UK Mr. Anand Modha New Jersey usa Dr. Hiren Pansuria Phone: +44-791-910-87906 Phone: +12015460876 66
  20. 20. At Google Play Store m/store/apps/details?i
  21. 21. * One Click call for instant access to Dental Office * Patients can directly schedule an appointment by email feature * Asks Dr Agravat – Record your questions & send dental query. * Any Dental Pain related Emergency please send a photo use the Virtual Camera to indicate which tooth or teeth are in pain or are in need of emergency treatment. * Access post treatment notes or instructions immediately without having to contact the office. * Get directions to the office instantly from anywhere with the Interactive goggle map & direction. * Appointment reminders. Never miss an appointment again. Reminders can be scheduled days or minutes before the appointment. * Get dental assistance when traveling worldwide. * Patient Education * Patient Reviews. * Virtual Tour of dental clinic * Built-in Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more… * Comfort and security of feeling the doctor’s presence right at the patient’s fingertip * One Click emergency call feature * Doctor’s profile, mission, philosophy, etc. * Convenient Tell-a-Friend email feature * Promotions and specials offers delivered instantly to our patients
  22. 22. Dr Agravat Dental Implant India UF-2, Mohini Complex, B/S Pride Hotel, Near Judges cross road, S. G. Highway Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380054 Gujarat, India Phone: +91-7030089191 Mod: +91 9825763666