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Abs mbr+msa act cryst 1994


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Abs mbr+msa act cryst 1994

  1. 1. Titre du Document Bis[2-(3-morpholinobenzofuranyl)phénylméthane, Bis[2-(3-morpholinobenzofuranyl)phenylmethane, C31H30N2O4 Auteur(s) C31H30N2O4 RODIER N. ; M'SADDEK M. ; RAMMAH M. ; ... Résumé The benzofuranyl groups and the phenyl rings are planar while the morpholinyl rings adopt chair conformations. There are very significant differences between the relative positions of the groups which form the two molecules of the asymmetric unit. However, the homologous bond lengths and angles are nearly identical. The cohesion of the crystal structure results from van der Waals interactions Editeur Blackwell Identifiant ISSN : 0108-2701 CODEN : ACSCEE Source Acta crystallographica. Section C, Crystal structure communications A. 1994, vol. 50, 7, pp. 1173-1176 [bibl. : 6 ref.] Langue Français