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Brain carve profile

  1. 1. A research basedPremier IndianOrganization withcommitment toquality andcontinuousresearch…
  2. 2. Constant upgradationof tools & techniquesand a permanent twoway communicationbetween researchand deliverydepartments
  3. 3. BrainCarve has a clearmission to makemeaningful contribution tothe overall development ofthe country by producinghigh caliber, competentand knowledgeable humanresources.
  4. 4. Whytrainthe brain?
  5. 5. Left BrainFunctions
  6. 6. Left Brain
  7. 7. Left Brain
  8. 8. Left Brain
  9. 9. Left Brain
  10. 10. Left Brain
  11. 11. Left Brain
  12. 12. Right Brain Functions
  13. 13. Right Brain
  14. 14. Right Brain
  15. 15. Right Brain
  16. 16. Right Brain
  17. 17. Right Brain
  18. 18. Right Brain
  19. 19. Despite the best parental careand exposure to the best ofeducational systems, rarelydoes one achieve equal and fulldevelopment of both sides of thebrain.
  20. 20. Provideyour children withan opportunity toachieve this!
  21. 21. Look at the chart andcall out the words, not the colorsYELLOW BLUE ORANGEBLACK RED GREENPURPLE YELLOW REDORANGE GREEN BLACKBLUE YELLOW PURPLEGREEN BLUE ORANGELeft | Right Brain Conflict
  22. 22. MagicFingers
  23. 23. Teaches children touse the 10 fingers tocount up to 99as well as add andsubtract.
  24. 24. It has beenscientifically proventhat the childactivates both leftand right side of thebrain whencalculations are doneusing this technique.
  25. 25. Vedic Mathematics astaught todayIt is a calculation system forspeed and accuracy whichincreases counting abilitiesEnhances the skills of arithmeticPattern Recognition Facilitates the growth of an alert& agile mind and Helps in the coordination of theright and the left brain whileensuring super fast co-ordinationbetween brain cells
  26. 26. BrainCarve has been designedusing a unique technique thattaps on your child’s brain power tomake the child a real master ofmemory.Human brain is so powerful thatall observations made by us areavailable within ourselves instorage memory.Specially designed BrainCarvetools leads to higher and amazingmemory, an important additionalskill for students to do well inregular studies
  27. 27. Read the following numbers just 30 secondsonce, taketo read them …23857292746182936482
  28. 28. Now can youreproduce them in thesame sequence ?
  29. 29. BRAINCARVE Teaches Out of the box thinking A heuristic for solving problems; the ability to look at the problem from many angles instead of tackling it head-on Thinking that finds solutions in ways that do not seem obvious Training such that the children move from very simple to complex problem solving practices.
  30. 30. Benefits of ThinkingtechniquesHelps a New Idea to SurfaceEnables CreativityIs a disciplined process forinnovationGenerates more possibilitiesFocuses on the result and helpslearn a lotIntelligence is a potential.Thinking is a skill. To fully use thepotential, the skills needs to bedeveloped.
  31. 31. A specially developedpersonality developmentprogram which aims at evoking the concept of ‘self- enhancement’ promotes a self-help concept facilitates development of one’s personality and attitude removes from the realm of one’s thought process the word ‘impossible’.
  32. 32. An Ancient Chineseand Japanese SciencethatHelps in Right Brain Activationa lotIncreases Right-Left BrainCoordinationActivates all the brain functionsat the same timeIncreases diligence and IQ ofthe studentUpgrades the child’s abilities tolife long skills
  34. 34. People who are successful in lifeare those who are able toharness their brain to itsmaximum which makes themmore ntelligent, more analyticaland thus, more knowledgeable.- Kail RE
  35. 35. A Sharp brain is not godgifted. It is a result of goodtraining of the brain inearly childhood.- Maya Angelou
  36. 36. Speak toDr.B.ParameswariCreator and FounderMob: +91 99400 36808OnlineMail: