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pathology Lap


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pathology Lap

  1. 1. Cysts
  2. 2. Pathology LabAmin Abusallamh
  3. 3. goblet stratified Cystic cavity squamous epithelium BM CT Dentigerous cyst1. Stratified squamous epithelium with goblet & mucous cells .2. C.T. conatining numerous fibroblasts & collagen fibers
  4. 4. stratified squamous epithelium Cystic cavity fill with keratin Junction between epith. And CT is flat Keratocyst:- stratified squamous epithelium .- corregated epithelial lining .- polarized basal cell with tomb stone pattern .
  5. 5. stratified squamous epithelium tall columnar epithelium B M CTkeratinizedepithelium(ghost cell) Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Cyst - tall columnar epithelium . - hyperchromatic nucleous away from the basal cells . - stellate reticulum containig ameloblastic-like cells between the inner and outer enamel epithelium ,
  6. 6. Cyst cavitystratified squamousepithelium eosinophilic bodiesBasement membrane C.T containing lymphocytes + inflammatory cells Radicular cyst: - thick stratified squamous epithelium because of chronic inflammation . - C.T containing lymphocytes + inflammatory cells . - characteristis feature is >>> eosinophilic bodies ( rashtoms )
  7. 7. Cyst cavity RBC giant cellsreactive osteoid tissue Aneurysmal bone cyst - pseudocyst . - neumerous blood sinusoids with RBCs . - multinucleated giant cells in C.T. stroma . - reactive osteoid tissue .
  8. 8. granulation tissue mucous secretion minro salivary glands Mucocele (Mucous extravasation Phenomenon - mucous secretion located in the center . - it has a granulation tissue . - numerous minro salivary glands .
  9. 9. Odontogenic tumors
  10. 10. follicle epithelium C.T central cellspripheral columnar AmeloblastomaPicture 1 : Follicular ameloblastoma . Picture 2 : Plyxiform ameloblastoma .- epithelial follicles in C.T stroma . - pripheral tall columnar cells ( ameloblast like cells ) .- in the follicle : - central cells ( stellate reticulum like cells ) .* pripheral columnar cells ( ameloblast like cells ) . - C.T. stroma in between .* central cells ( stellate reticulum like cells ) .
  11. 11. Cannulated tubule Tall columnar Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumors (AOT) Basal cell-sheets of polyhidral odontogenic epithelium .-- duct like structures lined by one or two layers of columnar cells( ameloblast like cells ) with band of eosinophilic material in between .
  12. 12. cementum or bone trabeculae Cementoifying fibroma-mesenchymal odontogenic tumor ,-fibrous proliferating delicate C.T. ( fibers + fibroblasts ) scattered withnumerous calcification which either cementum or bone trabeculae .
  13. 13. cementumeFibrous stroma Cementoblastoma -proliferating cementume-like structures . --masses of cementum formed by cementoblasts in priphery with fibroblast in the center .
  14. 14. islands of epithelial columnar cells C.T stellate reticulum- Ameloblastic Fibroma like cells rosets/islands of epithelial tissue in proliferating neoplastic delicatedfibrous C.T .- in the priphery : columnar cells ( ameloblast-like cells ) .- in the center : stellate reticulum-like cells .
  15. 15. Bone Diseases
  16. 16. Incearse number of oteocyte and osteoblastwoven boneOsteoid nonmineralization Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) 1. Replacing of bone with irregular ammature woven bone 2. Incearse number of oteocyte and osteoblast 3. Osteoid non mineralization
  17. 17. multinucleated osteoclast Osteopetrosis1. dense thick bone trabeculae with numerous inactive multinucleated osteoclast2. Decease the bone marrow and its fiber
  18. 18. multinucleated giant blood vessels ossteoed tissue) Cherubism fibrous tissue 1. Replacing of bone by fibrous tissue 2. (Highly fibroblast + blood vessels + collagen fiber + multinucleated giant cells + ossteoed tissue)
  19. 19. Thin slenderirregular bonetrabeculae fibrous tissue Fibrous dysplasia of bone (FD 1. Thin slender irregular bone trabeculae in fibrous tissue stroma take the shape of Chinese letter. 2. Replacing of bone with fibrous tissue.
  20. 20. giant cellconnective tissue BV hemosiderin Brown node of hyperparathyroidism Replacing of bone with highly cellular connective tissue with numerous multinucleated giant cell + BV + pigment hemosiderin
  21. 21. giant cell reversal line prominent osteoblast and osteoclast Paget’s disease of bone 1. High dense thick irregular bone trabeculae with numerous multinucleated giant cell + BV + prominent reversal line + prominent osteoblast and osteoclast 1. The marrow has been replaced by fibrous tissue
  22. 22. BVchronicinflammatory giant cellcells reversal line empty lacuna of death osteocyte Chronic focal sclerosing osteomyelitis 1. thick irregular bone trabeculae with multinucleated giant cell + BV + reversal line + empty lacuna of death osteocyte 2. Fibrotic Bone marrow with chronic inflammatory cells