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Acute pericoronitis


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Acute pericoronitis

  1. 1. Acute pericoronitis• Incomplete eruption of a wisdom tooth produces a large stagnation area under the gum flap. It can easily become infected, causing pericoronitis.
  2. 2. Cont…Pericoronitis is caused by a mixed infection and various pathogens of dental plaque, particularly anaerobes, can be causative.
  3. 3. Subacute phase• During this phase, the systemic features become less acute. The patient experiences swelling, jaw stiffness regional lymphadenopathy and pus discharge
  4. 4. Factors contributing to pericoronitis• Impaction of food and plaque accumulation under the gum flap• An upper tooth biting on the gum flap• Acute ulcerative gingivitis (rarely)
  5. 5. • Reverence :• Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine 7th ED Thank• Chpter” 5 ……Page” 82 you