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EnergyInk Presentation


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EnergyInk Presentation

  1. 1. Turn off the lights. Turn on the energy. TM
  2. 2. A BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGH  Introducing EnergyInk: The most cutting-edge, high-performance photoluminescent technology in the world. Recognized as one of the “TOP TRANSIT TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS” by Mass Transit Magazine, February 2010 issue. Our groundbreaking research has enabled an entirely new paradigm in nighttime illumination, creating exciting new advances in safety, egress, and visibility that were previously impossible. Developed by the leading innovators in proprietary phosphor compounds, EnergyInk stores solar and artificial light as energy which is time-released through the night, for up to twelve hours, in a wide array of colors. EnergyInk is a self-sustaining lighting system that not only dramatically reduces energy costs, but also reduces your company’s carbon footprint.
  3. 3. PHOTOLUMINESCENT SCIENCE  Proprietary  Extensive color  Technology formulated  integrated system  palette  into paints and inks  •  hotoluminescent Paints P • Unparalleled science • Patent pending chemistry to •  oating on various materials C • Only US manufacturer of long generate color without •  ignage applications S persistence phosphor compromising performance. • Critical components work in concert to incrementally improve • Others use pigments which performance characteristics significantly impairs performance • Persistence • Intensity • Engineered proprietary phosphor
  4. 4. PHOTOLUMINESCENT SCIENCE  Extensive Color Palette  Daytime Nighttime
  5. 5. PHOTOLUMINESCENT SCIENCE  Patented Technology  Emits functional light for up to  Outperforms the industry  12 hours  average by a factor of 10   •  Can be seen by the human eye at various •  Our technology is twice as effective in distances both intensity and persistence than the •  Performance can be adapted to the closest competitor needs of the application Performance measured by “intensity” and “persistence”   Provides guidance and visibility in low lighting conditions 
  6. 6. PERFORMANCE COMPARISON      Luminance – mcd/m2* 10 mins 60 mins 90 mins Law 26** 30.0 7.0 5.0 EnergyInk 388.0 79.0 59.0 *mcd/m2* (millicandelas per meters squared) is the industry standard luminance measurement **New York Local Law 26 of 2004, New York City Building Code 27-383 is generally recognized as the basis for industry standards.
  7. 7. PHOTOLUMINESCENT TECHNOLOGY  How it works...  Charged by artificial or  Stores light and   natural light (UV)  slowly emits light  •  Sunlight • P h o s p h o r c a p t u r e s p h o t o n s , •  Fluorescent lighting, stores its energy then re- Metal Halide, Halogen emits the photons. •  W h i t e , B l u e , o r U V L E D ’s •  Most vehicle headlights
  8. 8. PHOTOLUMINESCENCE IN ACTION ‐ CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY  Excer pt from a Chicago Tr ibune Ar ticle December 2008 The paint, which absorbs light from new high- efficiency fluorescent bulbs in the multilevel emergency exits, is designed to provide adequate illumination for up to 12 hour s in the event of a power outage . "The green stands out. It will pop out even through smoke much more clear ly," said CTA President Ron Huberman. CTA project manager Chris Mulcrone shut off G l o w - i n - t h e - d a r k g r e e n p a i n t o n C TA s u b w a y the lights during a test last week in an handr ails and r iser treads is designed to provide emergency exit…. “the green paint shined so adequate illumination for up to 12 hour s in the event of a power outage . brightly….”
  9. 9. PHOTOLUMINESCENCE IN ACTION ‐ CHICAGO WHITE SOX  Anti-skid photoluminescent tape lines the stairs of the upper tiers of US Cellular Field as an environmentally friendly, cost effective and safety conscious alternative to traditional footlights.
  10. 10. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  “Go Green” Initiative  Technology can be coupled with electrically lit signage  −  Technology will charge during day emit light at night −  Vibrancy of emission can be adjusted with periodic charging or pumping from electricity −  Timers −  L.E.D. lights will charge technology −  Can help with LEED certification  Integrated into or onto a variety of substrates   −  Flexible technology Significant energy savings 
  11. 11. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Indoor/outdoor  Safety tapes with  Signage  paint  adhesive back   •  Metal, concrete, asphalt, •  Generic white, green • Standard egress wood •  White with egress directional • Custom signage •  Safety Green arrows •  White •  Safety green with anti-skid for •  Yellow Stair treads •  Blue •  Retro-reflective/illuminating combination •  Improved visibility in all lighting conditions
  12. 12. CURRENT AND PAST PROJECTS  Our breakthrough technology is being explored by a growing number of clients:  •  MTA Metro North • Disney •  Duke Energy • NY Dept. of Transportation • UPS •  Pepsi •  Chicago Transit Authority •  FedEx •  Hennessy •  Boston Transit (MBTA) •  Toyota •  Century 21 •  U.S. Dept of Energy •  Chevron •  Caldwell Banker •  Dayton Power and Light •  Exxon •  Better Homes and Gardens •  Con Edison •  Reebok •  Ford Motors •  U.S. Dept of Defense   •  Timex •  US Steel
  13. 13. YOUR PROJECT:  A STEP‐BY‐STEP APPROACH  EnergyInk is unique in the hands-on technical support we offer our clients at every stage of a project: 1. INITIAL PRESENTATION: Our Technology Team is available for any and all technical questions regarding our products and their many uses in your specific environments. 2. SUPERVISED DEMONSTRATION: One of our Application Specialists will oversee the application of the demo, as well as consult and train your personnel for future applications. 3. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION: Our Technology Team is available throughout the life of a project with consultation on application, maintenance, and expansion of the project in your environments.
  14. 14. WHY CHOOSE ENERGYINK?   • PERFORMANCE: In intensity (brightness) and • GO-GREEN: Reduces carbon-footprint by persistence (longevity of glow), EnergyInk replacing traditional, wasteful lighting systems. outperforms all competition by an average factor Extremely useful in acquiring LEED certification. of ten, and performs twice as well as the closest competitor. Our products are easily applied to a • RECOGNITION: Voted one of the TOP 20 variety of surfaces (metal, concrete, asphalt, and TRANSIT TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS OF wood), and are highly durable, withstanding 2010 by Mass Transit Magazine. Currently being intense industrial power-washing. explored by Disney, UPS, MTA, and many others. • EXTENSIVE COLORS: The only PL technology • PRICE: On average, our products are less capable of creating functional, custom-engineered expensive than our competitors. colors, uniquely UV-stable in long term sunlight. • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Our science team, • SAFETY: Superior performance and colors many of the top minds from Polaroid, provide our translate into dramatic breakthroughs in safety, clients with a uniquely high level of hands-on egress, and visibility for personnel and the public. consultation and service.
  15. 15. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Illuminate signage  Daytime Nighttime
  16. 16. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Architectural products  HazMat placards  Daytime Nighttime Daytime Nighttime Illuminate safety products  Daytime Nighttime Daytime Nighttime
  17. 17. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Illuminate saftey apparel  Daytime Nighttime
  18. 18. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Exterior Safety markings  Daytime Nighttime
  19. 19. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Illuminate construction products  Illuminate recreation/leisure products  Nighttime View – Comparison of Jersey Barriers Coated with Tested against Puma’s Glow Rider, the EnergyBike™ Photoluminescent Technology versus Uncoated Barriers. out-illuminates the competition by a huge margin. 
  20. 20. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Illuminate roadways  Daytime Nighttime
  21. 21. UPS APPLICATION CONCEPTS   UPS Truck with New Anti‐skid/ illuminating Safety Tape 
  22. 22. UPS APPLICATION CONCEPTS  The photoluminescent tape has both Illuminating and The effect of the “retro-reflective” feature from car reflective features. headlights.
  23. 23. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Illuminate fabrics  Daytime Nighttime
  24. 24. PHOTOLUMINESCENT PRODUCTS  Saftey tapes 
  25. 25.  APPLICATIONS   ► Transit/Parking (in vehicle, entry, exit) ► Stage markings ►Emergency Egress (safety, insurance) ► Advertising Signage ► Custom Displays ► Exit Signage ► Loading Docks (safety, insurance) ► Employee uniforms ► Crowd Management (safety/egress) ► Vehicle markings ► Supplement areas to reduce energy consumption during off-peak hours without compromising safety
  26. 26. CONTACT INFORMATION  David Pearson, Partner  Vas Kozyreff, Partner  david@ener vas@ener 917.923.1643 917.282.3473 60 Broadway, 9L 20 W. Palisade Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 Englewood, NJ 07631 Watch our video at