Io robot


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Io robot

  1. 1. I robot is a film produced in 2004 and directedby Alex Proyas, this film is inspirated at thebook written by Isaac Azimov. This film talksabout robots, how we can deduce by the title,and we are in 2035 and robots lives in ourhomes. Everybody have one robot and theythink that this is a beautiful thing but theywont be very obedient. The only one who thinkthat robots are a useless is the policeman DelSpooner, and he wants convince all the people.
  2. 2. Del Spooner will be helped by adoctor who works in the U.S.Robots and by the robot whocan think with him brain and hecan do anything that he want.
  3. 3. Protagonists Antagonists-Del Spooner (Detective) -NS5 (All the robots)-Susan Calvin (Doctor) -Lawrence Robertson (New proprietor of-Sonny (Robot NS-5) the U.S. Robots.-Dr. Lanning (He dye at the beginning, but -V.I.K.I. (She is the reason for which thehe relaise a hologram that helps very robots gone crazy, she is an ultramodernmuch the detective Spooner in his work. computer that organize all the U.S. Robots)
  4. 4. He is Spooner, ablack man whowork asdetective and hehate robots. She is Susan, the doctor who helped Spooner. He is sonny, the NS-5 who can think like a human.
  5. 5. It is V.I.K.I, the computer who controls the U.S. Robots These are the NS-5He is LawrenceRobertson, teproprietor of the U.S:Robots
  6. 6. Dr. Lanning was killed by Sonny, buthe was telling him to do it, becausehe wanted that Spooner focuses himself on the problem that V.I.K.I wasgoing to create.The NS-5s tried to attack Spoonerand they wants to kill him but he wassaved by his robotic arm.
  7. 7. At the end he was helped by Sonny, the robotwho Spooner tried to jail and Robertson wantsto kill him (we can’t say “it” because he is arobot, but he can think, speak and he may havefeelings like us) but he was saved by Susan, who“killed” another NS-5. Sonny has drown a landfillwhere the NS-4 were discarded, and theyrealized that the problem was in the U.S. Robots,he went at the U.S. Robots and he killed, helpedby Susan and Sonny, V.I.K.I, it was the robot whoas to control the NS-4 and NS-5 but it was goingto conquer the world.