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How chiropractic helped me


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How chiropractic helped me

  1. 1. March 16, 2009 DanniWhat condition brought you to the office?Headaches, neck pain and shoulder painHow long have you had the pain?I’ve had 2 shoulder surgeries 2006-2007, migraines since 11 years old, and neck problemfor several years.Describe the situationsBecause of arthritis, I’m unable to strengthen my shoulder and I frequently strain it, so Ihave this neck-scalene problem. When the shoulder and the muscles are affected, there aband at the base of my skull that tightens up, and then I get these horrible migraines. Atone point I was on Imitrex, then Topomax for the migraines, but I had bad side effects. Iwas having up to six migraines a month, depending on what was happening at work.When I used the computer or turned my head the wrong way, the migraines would come.Is there anything else that you tried other than those drugs?Botox injections. They didn’t work. I also tried massages, but once a migraine startedthere was no stopping them.How long have you been a patient here?Since October of 2008How did we meet you?I met you at a health fair on College AvenueWhat have your results been?I have had fewer migraines, and I have less pain. I have little headaches but they areresolved with a cup of coffee. I’d say with the migraines I’ve had 85% improvement.Is there anything else you would like to add?I think that if you’re having the migraines you should come here and get evaluated andgive it a chance. I think it’s definitively worth pursuing. I thought chiropractic work wasa bunch of hooey because I come from a very traditional background and I’m and ICUnurse. I just had nothing to lose, it was another avenue to go down and it wasrecommended by my physical therapist, and it works. I recommend to patients that theycome and try it, too.
  2. 2. SusanWhat condition brought you to the office today?I fell down the stairs in my house and I hurt both of my hips and one shoulder and I’vegot bruises all over.How long ago did you fall?Two days agoWhat else did you try?I tried arnica, aspirin, and hot baths.How did they work for you?The arnica helped a lot, keeping me from being bruised, and the aspirin helped a little bit,the hot baths just relaxed me at the time.How long have you been a patient here?At least 15 years.How did we meet?I meet you through friends.How have the results been for you today? Did you notice anything immediately?Yes, I felt my spine relax from my neck down to my low back. My back didn’t hurtwhen I came, so I need to walk around a little bit to find out how the bruises and placeswhere I hit myself on the stairs feel.What about other results you’ve had over the last 15 years for different problems youmay have had?Well, I’ve had neck pain in the past that’s completely gone away and I’ve had sciaticproblems that the chiropractic has really helped. I’ve had knee problems. I think Ioriginally came for a problem with my thumb that went up into my arm. See, I hardlyremember because it’s gone.
  3. 3. March 17, 2009 LindaWhat condition brought you to the office?Shoulder pain, headaches and neck problems. I’ve had shoulder pain for several years.Every time you adjusted it, it would get a little better.What else did you try on your shoulder?I have had Cortisone shots, and that only helped part way. The first one wore off in amatter of 2 months, and the second one has lasted almost a year, but it was still painful. Ithurt, but not as much. Now, after chiropractic it doesn’t feel hurt.Would you say it’s completely back to normal?Probably not, I still have to be careful what I do.Did you try anything else for your shoulder?Motrin, the doctor recommended Motrin. It didn’t help that much.How long have you been a patient here?For six yearsHow did we meet?From Dr. Downs, a referral.What have your results been?So good, very good. I recommend this type of care for other people.What other pain have you had?Shoulder pain behind my right shoulder that was really bad. Part of it was stress, I thinkbut you helped work that out.And the headaches, how long have you had headaches?It was constant, but now I know when I get a headache and it won’t go away, I need care.And the neck pain?Neck pain comes and goes it depends on what I’m doing. When I have you fix it, it stays.Is there anything else you would like to add about this office and this kind of care?I like it ‘cause I was afraid to come in because I don’t like the cracking, and this methodit’s and it’s keeping my body aligned.Anything else?No, except you’re wonderful.
  4. 4. March 2, 2010 AndrewWhat condition brought you into the office?I had pain in my right shoulder from a ladder fall. It made lifting my arm above my headimpossible. Also my left arm had pain but not as severe, it was really the fall thatbrought me in.How long had you had that condition before you came in?About two weeks.Describe it more if you have anything more to say about the shoulderThere was a constant pain associated with it, but when I raised my arm, when it got toabout 90 degrees I had sharp stabbing pain the socket of my shoulder, and that made itfeel like there was something stopping it from going up. It wouldn’t travel any furtherthan 90 degrees.Could you tell a little more about the accident?I was only about 12 or 15 feet up a ladder, which was on a polished wood floor and thebottom of the ladder slid out from under me. So, what happened was, as I dropped Ireached and managed to stop myself from falling by throwing my arm around a beam,and that kind of wrenched my shoulder. I managed to not hit the floor, but the price Ipaid was hurting my shoulder.Did you try anything else for your shoulder?Ibuprofen, ice, I did all that but noting helped. It didn’t seem to be getting any better.How long have you been a patient here?Three weeksHow did you find me?I know Jeri who works here with you.What have your results been?Dramatic improvement – I’m working today, and using my right arm above my head andit’s fluid and fine.Is there anything else you would like to add?I’ve been delighted coming here. I really felt taken care of, and properly tended to.