Delivering ROI with Marketing Platforms


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A brief presentation I gave at the American Marketing Association San Diego's Art of Marketing Conference in May 2012.

It covers marketing platform integration, the main types of platforms, and how to boost ROI using different marketing platforms.

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Delivering ROI with Marketing Platforms

  1. 1. Delivering ROI with Marketing Platforms Growing Brands With FansPresented byRob Marlbrough, Co-Founder, CTO
  2. 2. Introduction &Background Growing Brands With FansOver 15 years experience in corporate IT management,most recently at the company that developed Apples 2011iPad App of the Year, managing, database,and analytics integration.A San Diego Magazine Top Tech Exec Award nominee,founded Web Wizards Hosting and Minglestream, and nowco-founder and CTO of Fandom Marketing, a marketingfirm specializing in social media.Say hi on twitter: @DowntownRobFollow the brands:@FandomMarketing, @WebWizards, @Minglestream
  3. 3. Marketing PlatformsBuilding Blocks Growing Brands With FansWhat makes up a well-rounded marketing system?Core platforms and tools must work together: ● Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ● Analytics ● Marketing Automation (MA) ● Content Management System (CMS)
  4. 4. Marketing PlatformsBuilding Blocks Growing Brands With FansThere are other systems that could be integrated: ● Email marketing ● Search ● e-Commerce ● Social Media ● Text messaging
  5. 5. Marketing PlatformsBuilding Blocks Growing Brands With FansEach platform contributes a different value to the marketingecosystemCRM is the Who.CMS is the What.Analytics is the How.MA is the Why.
  6. 6. Marketing PlatformsCRM is the Who Growing Brands With FansTraditional CRM: collectsdetailed demographic andtransaction data aboutprospects and customers.Social CRM: Exploring how tocapture social, web site visitor,and other data to analyze andmeasure behavior, deliverpersonalized content matchingindividual interests.
  7. 7. Marketing PlatformsAnalytics is the How Growing Brands With FansTypical analytics track andthen measure how yourprospects and customers areengaging with your platforms.With todays tools like GoogleAnalytics, you can track andmeasure individual paths,create automated responsesto those paths, and deliverdynamic content based onpatterns.
  8. 8. Marketing PlatformsAutomation is the Why Growing Brands With FansMarketing automation can beused to deliver content thattargets why prospectsengaged with your platforms,help build ongoingrelationships.
  9. 9. Marketing PlatformsCMS is the What Growing Brands With FansA CMS is the core ofpublishing content: add,revise, approve, publish.Todays CMS systems addautomation includingdistribution, search engineoptimization (SEO), socialmedia, mobile, email,syndication, and more.
  10. 10. Marketing PlatformsCMS is the What Growing Brands With FansThe fastest growing CMSis Wordpress.Started as a bloggingplatform, it now powers49% of the top tech websites including Mashable,TechCrunch, etc.Community driven, withover 19,000 plugins.
  11. 11. Marketing PlatformsDelivering the ROI Growing Brands With FansROI can be boosted in afew ways: ● increasing efficiency = increased results for the same spend ● decreasing costs = same results for less spend ● increasing efficiency and decreasing costs = increased results AND less spend
  12. 12. Marketing PlatformsDelivering the ROI Growing Brands With FansUsing scalable open sourcesoftware can bring the biggestboost to ROI.It can increase efficiencythrough automation andscalability.It can save thousands of dollarsin licensing fees.Its not for everyone. It takestrust, skill, and guts.
  13. 13. Marketing PlatformsDelivering the ROI Growing Brands With FansA safer hybrid approach:Choose marketing platformsthat have license-free optionsbut sell enterprise support, andphase out their support over 1-2years, developing or hiringexpertise in-house.Win, win, win.
  14. 14. Marketing PlatformsDelivering the ROI Growing Brands With FansROI-boosting platforms ofchoice:CRM: Sugar CRMCMS: Wordpress CoreAutomation: Wordpress pluginsAnalytics: Google AnalyticsBonus platforms:For email: MailchimpFor social: Sprout Social
  15. 15. Marketing PlatformsMaking the Transition Growing Brands With FansStarted with: ● Salesforce ($56K annually) ● Boomi database integration platform ($20K annually) ● custom licensing platform ● custom e-commerce ● custom CMSTransition to: ● Sugar CRM ● Wordpress for web site CMS, and e-Commerce ● stand-alone licensing service (API) distributes keys ● Saving $76K annually, simplified, more reliable system
  16. 16. Marketing PlatformsMore Information Growing Brands With FansResources with more information:Wordpress and marketing platform independence: a Content Marketing Platform: Social Media Marketing Platforms
  17. 17. Any questions? Growing Brands With Fans Web: Twitter: @FandomMarketingEmail: