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OER Minicourse


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Slides for an OER mini course offered in Montevideo. For audio and more please see

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OER Minicourse

  1. 1. OER MiniCourse Stephen Downes Montevideo, Uruguay November 21, 2012
  2. 2. OER World Map
  3. 3. Setting Up• Wiki -• Backchannel - bin/cchat.cgi
  4. 4. What makes an OER• Definition of an OER: “any type of educational materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license.” educational-resources/ – Eg. OpenCourseWare (MIT) – link – Eg. African Health OER Network – link – Eg. Clean Water OER – link• OER Toolkit:
  5. 5. OER Content?
  6. 6. What Content?1) open courseware and content;2) open software tools (e.g. learning management systems);3) open material for e-learning capacity building of faculty staff;4) repositories of learning objects; and5) free educational courses Jan n
  7. 7. More Content6) Visiting lecturers and experts7) Twinning arrangements - international exchanges of students and academic staff8) Imported courseware in a variety of media9) Externally developed sponsored programmes10)Inter-institutional programmes developed collaboratively11)Publications12)Information resources on the Internet.
  8. 8. Creating OERs• Find – Flickr CC Search, Google CC Search – Wikimedia Commons - – OER Commons -• Creating – Connexions - – free-form: Google Docs –• Quality -
  9. 9. The ‘Classic’ Model• Objectives / Competences• (Pre-test or warmup)• Presentation of content• Learning Activity• Discussion / Reflection• Evaluation or Assessment• Reflection
  10. 10. Learning Activities• ds106 – Submit Project Ideas –• OER Commons – Games – ypes/games• Collaborative activities – etofac/tabid/1064/Default.aspx
  11. 11. Your Metadata
  12. 12. OER Metadata (old)• IMS / IEEE - LOM• Learning Design• Common Cartridge• Learning Tools Interoperability• Interactive WhiteBoard/ Common File Format• Learning Information Services –
  13. 13. OER Metadata (new)• LRMI - (videos) Also:
  14. 14. OER repositories• need: method to find OERs in different subject areas – Britain - Joint Academic Coding System (JACS) – UNESCO – ISCED - standard-classification-of-education.aspx• Harvesting – OAI, Dlink• OpenAire - The EPrints software and DSpace IR software) both have OpenAIRE-compliant plugins.
  15. 15. Sustainability
  16. 16. Sustainability Models for OERs• Endowment – eg. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy• Membership – eg. Sakai• Donations – eg. Wikipedia• Conversion – eg. Suse, RedHat, Ubuntu• Contributor Pay – eg. PLoS• Sponsorship – eg. MIT iCampus Outreach Initiative (Microsoft)• Institution / Government• Partnerships and Exchanges
  17. 17. How to use an OER• Stand-alone• Course model• MOOC model
  18. 18. Content sharing from live events• Recording – Audacity• Broadcasting – Hangout, Livestream
  19. 19. Other topics as I think of them :)