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Slides used as my introduction to gRSShopper at the innovation Forum, October 28, 2008. gRSShopper is the personal learning environment (PLE) software I authored, now available as open source.

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  1. 1. gRSShopper: Creating the Personal Web Stephen Downes
  2. 2. The Main Idea The web of the future isn’t about visiting sites, it’s about connecting resources.
  3. 3. Architecture The application provides mechanisms to input, process, and distribute content.
  4. 4. Login gRSShopper instances are personal sites intended to support single users or small groups (though visitors can sign in).
  5. 5. Subscriptions Visitors have a one-click way to subscribe to site newsletters (or they can sign up for RSS).
  6. 6. Custom Pages Content is organized into pages
  7. 7. Archive Pages auto-archive
  8. 8. Custom Pages Multiple pages can be created; each page can be a newsletter (or not; you decide)
  9. 9. Page Creation Pages are created automatically from a database of content types
  10. 10. Feed Management Content input comes from RSS feeds harvested by gRSShopper
  11. 11. Harvester Harvester captures and analyzes incoming data (by topic, links, etc)
  12. 12. Mapping Incoming content can be mapped to any of a variety of data types
  13. 13. Viewing Harvested Content Harvested contents may easily be scanned in a viewer
  14. 14. Post Editor Work with aggregated content to create new content
  15. 15. Open Source gRSShopper code is available as an open source download
  16. 16. More