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A Roadmap of the Future of Teaching and Learning


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This Spotlight Stage session is for policy makers and pundits, technology designers and developers, and those who by virtue of office or inclination have the voice to speak to the future, to inform the world of what we can do and what we want to do. Join Stephen Downes as he invites you to explore the quantum leaps we can expect in teaching in our digital age. For audio and video please see

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A Roadmap of the Future of Teaching and Learning

  1. 1. A Roadmap of the Future of Teaching and Learning Stephen Downes Online Educa Berlin December 7, 2017
  2. 2. A Roadmap of the Future of Teaching and Learning Stephen Downes Online Educa Berlin December 7, 2017
  3. 3. Authoring and Publishing Resource Bases and Sources Learning EnvironmentsAggregation and Metadata Calendaring Cloud apps and storage Collaboration and Social Media Competencies and Skills Learning Activities Learning Records Analytics Development
  4. 4. Content / Authoring Testing / Surveys Form Builders Publishing / Repositories Learning Objects Courseware Authoring Authoring and Publishing iPython is an interactive programming shell for the Python programming language The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code… Open Data Data Books
  5. 5. Gamification Simulations Game-Based Learning Virtual Worlds Learning Activities racquet-that-isnt-just-strung-but-wired/ MagicBand. It’s a bracelet Disney hands out (story on Gizmodo) Augmented Reality auto-v/the-best-grand-theft-auto-v-mods Internet of Things Performance Support
  6. 6. IRC / Audio Chat Social Networks Social Bookmarks Social Learning Social Learning Network Collaboration Tools Synchronous Conferencing Collaboration and Social Media Automated Translation google-translation-earbuds-google- pixel-buds-launched.html
  7. 7. Search Publication Databases Course Repositories Open Educational Resources App Marketplace App Integration Job Finding Sites Quantified Self Resource Bases and Sources OERs are now widely available through subject-specific libraries with provisions forauthoring as well https://www.oercommo DS106 – assignment bank
  8. 8. Learning Architectures Learning Environments Learning Management Systems Cloud LMS MOOC Customer Relations Management Content Management Systems Talent Management Learning Environments • LTI Producer – provides features • LTI Consumer – connects to features Personal Learning Environments Learning Platforms
  9. 9. Metadata Ratings & Evaluations RSS Readers Web Archive Tools MOOC Aggregration Protocols and Services Calendar Standards Calendar Sync Scheduling Calendaring Aggregation and Metadata APIs / JSON
  10. 10. Cloud Doc Storage Cloud Data Storage Personal Cloud Cloud Apps for Education Virtualization Virtual Containers Portfolios Cloud apps and storage enterprise-hub-orchestration,1-2375.html
  11. 11. Learning Plan Competency Organizations Competency Quality Competencies and Skills the-next-big-thing-cass/ Automated Assessment • accurately and honestly measure a student’s achievement? • incentives for honest academic behaviour? ethics/core-ethical-principles/lesson-2-sample- title/the-pillars-of-public-relations-ethics/ Assessment
  12. 12. Badges / Backpacks Learning Record Store Pay-For Certificate Student Information System Identity Services Single Signon Identity Checks / Proctoring Learning Records Doug Belshaw: "If we used the blockchain for Open Badges," he writes, "then we could prove beyond reasonable doubt that the person receiving badge Y is the same person who created evidence X. deep-future-educational-credentialing Personal Learning Record Blockchain
  13. 13. Metadata Services Learning Analytics Text Analytics Adaptive Learning Dashboards Analytics Picture taken from a data mining primer course SAS offered in 1998. looking-forwards-sas-data-mining-and-machine-learning/ Siemens and Long fog-analytics-in-learning-and-education We talk about predictive analytics as though finishing a course is the problem. But I think the real future is in the quantified self Quantified Self
  14. 14. Prototyping Integrated Development Environment Development Team Environment Software Testing Development Slack, Airtable, Trello: what makes them good? collaboration-slack-airtable-trello-what-makes- them-good-76384318 Open Pedagogy – Using OER to Chane How We Teach – Heather Ross pedagogy-using-oer-to-change-how-we-teach/ Community Resource Development
  15. 15. The Report… You can download this report from: The report talks a lot about what will change (and some about what will not_ and also about how things change Add your comments
  16. 16.