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Deo analasis


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When i have try to learn about the DT industry in the Beat .Moves to words developing the beat and category.

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Deo analasis

  1. 1. Deodorant Market Analysis S.Dowlath
  2. 2. Objective Study about the Deodorant industry. Getting the knowledge on features of competition Scope of improvement to develop the Engage Deodorant sales. Selecting one beat in order to learn about the Deodorant industry coverage and stock position in the route .
  3. 3. Process: Route • Selecting one particular beat which contains all type of outlets. • Getting the details on Actual v/s service outlets for the category. • Beat potential : collecting data of Stock position and comparison with our brand Industry learning • Collecting the features of industry players and there SKU’S • Competition advantages compared to us like USP,MRP. Inputs Required • At last coming up with the ideas and input required to develop the brand sales . • Visibility solution , Testers , Pop materials ,Display if required
  4. 4. Industry over view  Deodorant comes under personal care category , but unlike the norm in personal care which is generally dominated by women: Deodorant market is dominated by men.  Around 69 percent of the market is controlled by Men’s deodorant products, and 31 percent of the market is accounted by women’s deodorant .  Indian women have traditionally preferred perfumes and talcum powders to deodorants, but this is changing slowly.  Women segment is still an untapped category with enormous growth potential .
  5. 5. Classification: Company  HUL : Axe, Dove  Vini Cosmetics : Fogg  ITC :Engage  Mcnore : Wild stone, Secret temptation  Marico : Set Wet  Wipro : Santoor,Yardley London .  Cavinkare : Spinz  Emami: He  Godrej : Cinthol  P&G : Old spice  Beiersdrif : Nivea  Adidas: Adidas  J.K .Helene Curtis: Park Avenue  Adiavis : Layer’s
  6. 6. Latest trend  Fogg and Nivea have hitting the right crowd by highlighting there USP to customer.  Fogg a relatively a brand in deodorant space from home grown Vini Cosmetics stable has beaten HUL’s popular deodorant Axe by creating awareness on gas and no gas Deodorant.  Fogg and Set wet with clear message of ‘1000 sprays in the one bottle’, grabbed the attention of the customers .  Competition Benefits : 1)Smaller pack sizes 2)Alcohol free Deodorant 3)Whitening underarms 4)Colure protection Deodorant .
  7. 7. Classification :Gender Sales Deo for Men Deo for Women Deo for Men & Women Axe ,He, Set wet,Cinthol,old Spice Wild stone,Park Avenue,Reebok,Play boy ADove,Santoor, Spinz,Eva,Secret,FA Fogg,Engage,Layer’s,Nivea,Y ardley,Addidas.
  8. 8. Brand Name Company Features Tag line Price & Volume Sku’s Fogg Vini Antiperspirant deo spray,Long lasting Fragrance ,Nature anti bacterial properties, Prevents body odour ‘No gas, only Deo Price& Volume:275(12 0ml),250(120ml ),225(150ml),19 9(120ml) Market Available 32 sku’s Axe HUL Seductive scents,Long lasting fragrance(3XMore perfume) Don’t Fade away 195(150ml)250 (122ml),225(12 2) 15 to 16 Sku’s Wild stone Mcnore Unique and sophisticated fragrance, Irresistibly Masculine Fragrance ‘ It happens” 195(150ml)199 (120ml)250 (120ml) 8 sku’s
  9. 9. Brand Name Company Features Tag line Price & Volume Sku’s Nivea Beiersdof(German company) 48 hour’s Protection against sweet - 0%Alcohol(Mild),Repairs your skin, Colorant free formula, Pearl extracts/silver ions,Anti bacterial effect, Price:199 (150ml),190(150 ml),210(150ml),2 50(120ml) 24 sku’s Spinz Cavinkare A non Alcoholic perfume deo, Long lasting fragrance 175 (150ml) 5 to 6 Sku’s found balance two not found total 8 Park Avenue J.K Helene Curtis LTD (Raymond Group) Defence against body odour, Essences from nature, Long hour’s of Freshness Deep down we’re all a little alpha 275(140ml),199( 130ml),240(130 ml),180(135ml)1 35(80ml) 34 Sku’s
  10. 10. Brand Name Company Features Tag line Price & Volume Sku’s Set wet Marico Non- Aerosol offerings.1000 sprays, Long lasting effect ‘Very very sexy’, ‘Sada sexy Raho’ 190 ( 150ml),199 (150ml), 99 (75ml) 8 sku’s Old spice P&G 24 hour odour protection ,Old spice appeals to the man of today with a heart of yester years Smell Mantastic 180 (150ml) 7Variants Yardley London Wipro Perfumed deodorant body spray, Signature English charm, Long lasting fragrance, Floral Fragrance 199( 150ML),190( 150ML)249(120 ml) 9 TO 10 apart from box perfume deo
  11. 11. Classification : Features 24 hours Odor Protection 48 hours odor protection Anti - Per spirant Anti – Bacterial 0% Alcohol No mark on cloths 1000 sprays No dark underarms Engage Nivea Fogg Fogg Spinz Dove Fogg Dove Adidas - Dove Nivea Nivea Nivea Set wet Nivea Old spice - - He Cinthol - - -
  12. 12. Competition Benefits Whitening underarms Consumer Behavior: • Indians obsessed with fairness. • Rising consciousness among the consumers. • Consumer feedback : Most of Men & women prefer Deodorant that claim to provide whitened underarms. • Companies: Dove, Nivea. Alcohol Free Deodorant • Consumer Behavior: • Informed & sensitive consumers. • Greater desire for products with less additives and more nutrition. • Consumer feedback: • Most of women have sensitive underarm skin & are moving towards alcohol free deodorants . • Men & Women preferring deodorants with 0% alcohol . • Alcohol causes skin allergies & irritation . • Competition: Dove,Nivea,Cinthol Smaller Pack sizes Consumer Behavior: People wants to carry deodorants to feel fresh and stay odor free 24x7. Trail is also needed .Cheaper option. • Consumer Feedback : • Affordability , Easier to carry, test packs . • Competition : • Set wet, Spinz , wild Color protection Consumer Behavior: • Consumers care about their clothes. • Patches (or) discoloration gives a bad impression • Consumer feedback: A hygiene factor . • Engage helps to prevent repulsion
  13. 13. Fogg 16% Axe 10% Addidas 0% Nivea 6% Set wet 8% Wild stone 7% Park Avenue 10% Engage 18% EVA 8% Secret 9% Spinz 7% Old spice 1% Beat stock position by brand Fogg 171 Axe 106 Adidas 4 Nivea 64 Set wet 79 Wild stone 68 Park Avenue 101 Engage 190 EVA 86 Secret 92 Spinz 71 Old spice 15
  14. 14. No: of outlets Coverage among 27 outlets Fogg 12% Axe 12% Adidas 2% Nivea 5% Set wet 14%Wild stone 9% Park Avenue 10% Engage 14% EVA 8% Secret 6% Spinz 6% Old spiz 2% Engage 23 outlets Fogg 20 outlets Axe 19 outlets Set wet 22 outlets Wild stone 15 outlets Park avenue 16 outlets Eva 13 outlets Spinz 10 outlets Secret 9 outlets Nivea 8 outlets Old spice 4 outlets Adidas 3 outlets
  15. 15. Outlet type wise SOH Grocery 19 outlets with 507 cans ISS 2 outlets with 323 cans Cosmetics 3 outlets 196 cans Chemist 3 outlets with 21 cans Top A class 5 outlets with more than 30 cans 272 cans soh Class B:4 outlets with 96 cans More than 20 cans Target outlets to grow in women's segment Total 1047 cans in 27 outlets Monthly sales 154 cans Cosmetic:38 cans ISS: 34 cans Grocery :79 outlets Chemist :3 cans
  16. 16. Inputs to develop the beat ISS plan : 1)Plan to increase the number of facings for the Deodorant and SOS. 2) Providing testers will show the sales growth especially in ISS. 3)Creating extra space : Week end plans to keeping bin 4)Plan for WOM with the help of in store helpers .Trying to incentive on repeat orders. Cosmetic Plan: 1) Taking the help of beauty advisers in order for promotion . 2) Avoid clutter ensure shelf space. 3)Placing perfumes in this outlets will help to tap the Fogg and Nivea consumers. 4)Testers for those outlets whose SOH is more than 40 to 50 cans. Grocery Outlets plan : 1)Plan for Grocery A outlets :These outlets will hold more than 30 cans .Even the foot fall for this outlets will be more . 2)Avoid clutter ensure shelf space. 3)Providing testers in class A and B outlets will help in these set of outlets. 4) POP materials utilization in this set of outlets. Plan for Chemist & Rest of Grocery : 1)Ensuring the coverage with key selling SKU’S ,mostly Men. 2)Pop materials utilization in this set of outlets. Inputs
  17. 17. THANK YOU