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Leadership and The Power of Storytelling


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What’s your story?

For some folks, just hearing that can set off alarm bells. It's like having a story is a bad thing, an excuse for something that's been done wrong.

You may be very surprised to realize the power of story. That having a story… and telling that story… maybe the single more important thing you will do as a leader.

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Leadership and The Power of Storytelling

  1. 1. What’s your story? @TheDovBaron
  2. 2. @TheDovBaron You may be very surprised to realize the power of story. That having a story…and telling that story…maybe the single more important thing you will do as a leader.
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  4. 4. @TheDovBaron The power of story has become an ever increasingly fascinating area of research, which is finding its rightful place in Leadership.
  5. 5. Stories, as I am sure you’ve experienced, can move us from belly hurting laughter to deep sorrowful tears. Story can change our opinions and behaviors, and most importantly inspire and motivate us to take action we would never have dared to believe possible. @TheDovBaron
  6. 6. Your Story is Your Brand and Your Brand is Your Story. The key is not to tell just any story, but a Full Monty Story. @TheDovBaron
  7. 7. The difference between a “story” and a Full Monty story is that with a Full Monty story you can feel the truth of it. When a regular story has faded away as mere entertainment, the Full Monty story becomes even more deeply embedded in the psyche of the listener. @TheDovBaron
  8. 8. Why is a Full Monty Story So Important? @TheDovBaron
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  10. 10. Read the full article: link
  11. 11. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments. With gratitude, Dov Baron