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Do You Have The Gonads To Lead?


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Do You Have the Gonads to Lead?
She had a sparkle in her eye and deep admiration in her voice as she spoke. "You are so great. I wish I had what you have."

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Do You Have The Gonads To Lead?

  1. 1. Look I know this may come as a bit of a bombshell to you, but despite what you may have believed, greatness is not reserved for the few... @TheDovBaron
  2. 2. Greatness is available to all who are willing to claim it.  Sadly, few have the gonads to take a stand and claim their own greatness. @TheDovBaron
  3. 3. Real leaders are ‘freaks’ who found their unique value set and became passionate about sharing it. @TheDovBaron
  4. 4. So let me ask you – Do you know what you stand for?  Are you willing to stand and fight for it, even if no one understands? @TheDovBaron
  5. 5. The simple truth is it doesn’t matter if no one else believes; you must believe with all your heart, all your soul and all your might that you are here with a purpose. @TheDovBaron
  6. 6. Too far and too much are excuses we have all overcome when what we needed to do mattered more than the excuse we held! @TheDovBaron
  7. 7. With a single shift from ‘impossible’ to ‘I’m Possible’ people do what others consider impossible everyday. Avoid believing other peoples’ limitations. @TheDovBaron
  8. 8. Is where you are where you want to be? @TheDovBaron
  9. 9. Seriously, put some thought into this. What are you waiting for? Nothing and no one is coming to rescue you. @TheDovBaron
  10. 10. You did not get your dreams by accident; they are your soul crying out for expression. @TheDovBaron
  11. 11. YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER! @TheDovBaron
  12. 12. Read the full article: link
  13. 13. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments. With gratitude, Dov Baron