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The titanic olivia


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The titanic olivia

  1. 1. The Titanic Olivia Jackson November 2, 2012
  2. 2. The Titanic was a British passenger cruise ship. During Titanicsconstruction, 246 injuries were recorded, 28 of them "severe",such as arms severed by machines or legs crushed under fallingpieces of steel. Six people died on the ship herself while she wasbeing constructed and fitted out and another two died in the
  3. 3. The Event & The Adversity• The Titanic was a British passenger cruise ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15 1912 after crashing into an iceberg from Southampton, UK to New York City. It sank because it’s Captain Edward Smith was not paying attention and hit the iceberg that killed 1,502 people.
  4. 4. The Tradegy of People & AdversityAlthough many died but there were those that survived.“ The passe ng e rs o n the Titanic have be co me as infamo us asthe sinking o f the ship itse lf. While the trag ic sinking wo uldhave no do ubt be e n me t with sho ck, the trag e dy wasmanife ste d by larg e numbe r o f first class and no table Titanicpasse ng e rs who pe rishe d in the ships disaste r. The re we re2228 pe o ple o n bo ard o f the Titanic, 337 in first class, 28 5 co nd class, 7 21 in third class and 8 8 5 cre w me mbe rs. ”
  5. 5. PerseveranceWhile the world is often takenwith the stories of the famouspassengers on the Titanic, therewere also hundreds of second andthird class passengers who alsoperished with the ship. These poorsouls were at an unfortunateadvantage due to the fact that shipdid not carry enough lifeboats forall the people in the Titanic!
  6. 6. Perseverance• The Captain demonstrated perseverance by staying on the ship and help his passengers finding safety on the life boats and calling for help to put the other passengers on another ship.
  7. 7. “ Of the 2,228 passengers and crewmemberswho set sail, only 705 Titanic passengerssurvived.” http://www.titanic- titanic.html
  8. 8. “ Since its discovery, the wreck of Titanic has been revisited numerous times by explorers, scientists, filmmakers, tourists and salvagers, who have recovered thousands of items from the debris field for conservation and public display. The ships condition has deteriorated significantly in recent years, partly due to accidental damage caused by submersibles but mainly because of an accelerating rate of growth of iron-eating bacteria onCrosbie, Duncan; has been estimated that within Dre ams. New York, NY: the hull. It Mortimer, Sheila (2006). Titanic: The Ship o f the next 50Orchard Books.hull and structure of Titanic will collapse years the