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  2. 2. Character 1Adversity (Jonas)from The Giver Jonas though his neborghood had no color. He though it was black . He doesn’t like his neborghood so his brother and him are going to run away. On there bikes.
  3. 3. Perseverance Jonas and his brother ran from the neborghood . They were on there bikes riding fast and now they feel free .
  4. 4. Character 2 Adversity(Victor) from seventhgrade Victor was trying to impress a girl . Also he didn’t know what to do. So he asked his friend for tips. When he walked up to her he froze.
  5. 5. Perseverance Victor was acting like he know French to impress Teresa. Then he looked at her for a very long time. Then he got to talk to her.
  6. 6. Character 3 Adversity(Charles) fromCHARLES  Charles was doing bad things and he was lying to his parents that it was someone else was doing bad things.
  7. 7. Perseverance His mother went to the PTA meeting. Then she found out that the kid that Charles was talking about was him. So now she knows that she has been playing trick on her
  8. 8. THE END