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Power point for ms. douglas

  1. 1. The Giver! Seventh Akayla EdwardsGrade! 12-4-12 ELA Ms. Douglas “Charles”
  2. 2. Character 1’s Adversity (Laurie) Laurie’s adversity was that he didn’t want to tell his parents that he was the one that has been causing all of the class disturbances. He just made up a name.Literature. “Charles”. Chaim Potok
  3. 3. Character 1’s Perseverance (Laurie) In spite of that, his mom goes up to the school for a PTA meeting to find out who “Charles’s” parents are. She finds out that there is no “Charles.” Laurie overcomes not telling his parents by telling them a lie.
  4. 4. Character 2’s Adversity (Victor) Victor’s adversity was that he didn’t make this girl that he liked go out with or like him. So he tried to make himself look good to try and impress her.
  5. 5. Character 2’s Perseverance (Victor)• In spite of being a normal person and just going up to her to ask her if they could hang out, he makes a fool of himself in French class.• He overcomes that by helping Theresa with her math since math was his strongest subject.
  6. 6. Character 3’s Adversity (Jonas)Jonas was a boy who was in the Twelvesgroup. He told his parents he had a dreamabout a girl that he wanted to bathe andshe didn’t take him serious.
  7. 7. Character 3’s Perseverance(Jonas) Jonas overcame his adversity by having confidence in himself and not having the urge to bathe the female he wanted to. So he just went ahead and graduated or moved on from the Twelve’s Group and didn’t worry about a thing.
  8. 8. What are my REFLECTIONS YouAsk?.................. My reflections on Character 1 is that he overcame his adversity by not telling his parents he was the one causing all the disturbances. My reflections on Character 2 is that he finally got to talk to his crush when she asked for help. My reflections on Character 3 was that he was just a boy that was in a program that he was about to graduate or move on from that group.
  9. 9.  Literature. "Seventh Grade”. Chaim Potok Literature. “Charles”. Literature. The Giver.