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Montez allen project

  1. 1. The Giver by: Lois Lowry 4th period Montez Allen
  2. 2. Slide 2• Jonas, the 11 year old protagonist of the story, as her struggles to find the right word to describe his feelings as he approaches an important milestone he rejects frightened as too wrong a word, recalling a time when he had really been frightened a year ago.
  3. 3. conflict• A mild-mannered, tenderhearted Nurturer who works with infants. He is very sweet with his two children. He enjoys his job and takes it very seriously, constantly trying to nurture children who will stay alive until the Ceremony of Names. However, even if he is attached to a child, he will release it if that seems to be the best decision. He has an affectionate, playful relationship with his two children, usually referring to them by silly nicknames, and he likes playing childish games with the children he nurtures.
  4. 4. Perseverance• Together with The Giver, Jonas comes up with a plan to change the entire community. He decides to flee the community for the Elsewhere, a place he has only heard about that lies far beyond. If Jonas leaves, the memories he has received from The Giver will be let loose. They will find their way back to the community and to the people. The people will have ready access to the memories that will, in turn, give them knowledge about things that have been missing in their lives. They will come to the same kind of awakening that Jonas did when he was given memories of the past from The Giver.
  5. 5. Character two perseveres through adversityJonass mother, A practical, pleasant woman with an important position at the Department of Justice. Jonas’s mother takes her work seriously, hoping to help people who break rules see the error of their ways. She frequently gives Jonas advice about the worries and fears he faces as he grows up.
  6. 6. solution• The Giver’s solution to the problem in the story is to murder Jonas. He uses a different term for the deed; he calls it escape. Nevertheless, his plan is to kill the boy and himself, which will return the community to its original state. The community would once again be left without a Receiver and would resemble the community that existed back and back and back.• It seems odd, that The Giver, who professes that the very necessity of memories is to provide humans with wisdom and who is a man then that should possess it, thinks the only solution to a lifeless existence, such as the one experienced by his community, is more death, more “release.” Ironically, the community’s answer to suffering and even minimal discomfort, is death and so is The Giver’s. The book then supports the human need for the concept of death as a• means of release from earthy suffering and the hope of Elsewhere, whether its labeled as heaven or whatever, as an alternative plane of existence where life is.