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Ela powerpoint

  1. 1. “Charles” By: A Kayla Edwards Period: 6th Ms. Douglas 11/27/12 Subject: ELAThe Seventh Grader!!!!
  2. 2. •This story was about a boy namedVictor and it was his first day ofseventh grade.•New school, new city, and a newneighborhood.•When he got to school, he ran intohis old friend Theresa.
  3. 3.  One day in French class, Victor was day dreaming at his desk. That’s when Mr. Bueller called on him to say what was written on the board. Victor didn’t know what to do. So he just said something that didn’t even sound like English. Victor wasn’t that good at French. When class was over, Mr. Bueller started to laugh because he remembers when he was just a young boy trying to impress a girl that he really liked.
  4. 4. The Seventh Grader The next day, Victor and Theresa were in math class. Now this was a subject that Victor was really good at. Theresa wasn’t to good at math. So, she asked Victor if he could tutor her. Victor was shocked that Theresa finally talked to him. He said, “ Sure. We can meet after school in the library.” Theresa said, “ ok, make sure you bring your math book and notebook.”
  5. 5. “Charles“• Charles is about a boy named Laurie who just started kindergarten. Everyday, Laurie comes home and talks about this boy named “Charles.”• Laurie says Charles is always bad in the classroom.• His mom said, “ That Charles must be a real handful?” Laurie’s mom and dad laughed.
  6. 6. “ Char les” The next day, with news about Charles again. He said, “ Charles was bad again.” Laurie’s dad said, “ What did he do this time?” Laurie said, “He threw a pencil across the room and took a crayon off of another students desk. My teacher had hit Charles with the ruler two times and told him to stand in the corner.
  7. 7. “ Charles” Charles also told a girl sitting next to him to say a bad word out loud. His father said what word did he tell her to say? Laurie went over to his dad and whispered the word into his ear. His dad’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped.
  8. 8. “Charles”• Laurie’s mom said that there is going to be a PTA meeting tomorrow and I want to meet this “Charles” and his parents.• His dad said, “maybe you can invite her over for tea. When you invite her over, talk about how can she put up with her little boy.”• The next day, Laurie’s mom went to the PTA meeting and found his teacher. Laurie’s mom said, “You must be tired when you go home after dealing with Charles.”• Laurie’s teacher said, “There is no Charles in kindergarten.”
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