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Dylan Wonnum

  1. 1. The GiverDylan Wonnum11/2/2012
  2. 2. JonasJonas is eleven he is chosen to become the next Receiver of Memories in his community.His assignment is the most honored and respected one. Jonas has theintelligence, integrity, and courage needed to become a Receiver.Chapter 8 Jonas AdversityWhen Jonas first started training with The Giver he gave Jonas happy memories. Jonas wasvery happy and excited to be able to take on a new challenge. But when The Giver gavememories of distress, anger, and sadness . Jonas realizes things he didn’t know about thecommunity. He realized that it was unfair to take away people’s true feelings and veryunjust for people to be unable to make choices for themselves about their own lives. Helearns the community has no true feelings and that feelings has never been apart of theirlives. Through the memories he sees people in the past living differently and feels thecommunity must change.Chapter10
  3. 3. Jonas Perseverance Jonas came up with a plan to change the entire community. He decided to leave the community to go to Elsewhere. Once Jonas flees the community he realizes the further he goes away from the community he is shedding the memories and they are transmitted back to the community. Chapter 21
  4. 4. The GiverThe Receiver has the access to all the memories of the past. He is an old, grave man whohas been wearied by the burden of carrying alone the sorrow and the pain that memoriesbring. He is a Father figure to Jonas who provides guidance as well as wisdom. Chapter 10 The Giver’s AdversityWhen The Giver admits to Jonas that transmitting the smallest memory relieves a slightburden off of him.
  5. 5. The Giver’s PerseveranceThe Giver has come to realize that he and Jonas should try to change the community.The Giver understands that memories are best when shared among people.The giver comes up with a plan with Jonas to change the entire community, he feelsthat his work would be completed if he helps Jonas escapes and the communitywould change and become whole.The Giver feels without Jonas he would have never figured out a way to bring aboutthe change
  6. 6. GabrielGabriel is a newborn who is one of several children being taken care of at theNurturing Center. Gabriel is placed in the extra care section for supplementarynurturing because he does not grow normally like other children and does not sleepwell.
  7. 7. Gabriel PerseveranceSince Gabriel is a troubled child Jonas seems to be the only one to calm himdown. One night Jonas is able to transmit peaceful memories to Gabriel tocalms him down.To prevent Gabriel from being killed, Jonas takes Gabriel, whom he lovesdearly. Gabriel life is spared because they leave for the community forElsewhere.
  8. 8. ReflectionHow all characters overcame their adversityThere are a few undeniable things about this book, but no one except the Giver andthe Receiver can comprehend. They have the advantage to see beyond, and receivethe memories which show emotions, colors, music, places and weather-changes thatdon’t exist in their community. Jonas and the Giver are the only people in theircommunity who actually know, with the help of the memories, how awful theircommunity actually is . The most important, is that the Giver and the Receiver are theonly ones who can change their community, who can change sameness. Gabriel withthe help of Jonas was also able to persevere through this.
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